When You Weaned Your Baby

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stefkay - January 28

Did he or she start sleeping through the night? I have a friend who said that as soon as she weaned her son at 11 months from br___tfeeding he slept through the night. I just wondered if this is fairly common or not at all. I want to bf my daughter to a year if possible. We are going on 7 months soon and I just don't know if I can take the lack of sleep much longer.


Kiersten - January 28

Is she on a schedule? If you get her on a three hour routine during the day I'd be surprised if she didn't sleep through. By 7 months she's fully capable of sleeping through, but you have to train her to do it. Have you ever heard of the book "Babywise"? It's pretty helpful if you're able to check it out. What time does she go down for the night? At some point I found out that moving ds's bedtime up an hour and a half added 2 hours of sleep on to his all-night sleeping. Hope some others are able to help you out better! Good luck and you're right, you need your sleep! How often is she waking?


stefkay - January 28

It varies...I guess I'm just too tired at this point to implement much of any plan. I've posted on here endlessly about this issue and realize that as long as she is not sleeping it is my fault. I read babywise and am not into that type of parenting style. It just doesn't feel right for me. I'm more the attachment style I guess. We never co sleeped though but all of a sudden since 6 months she is waking a lot more and wanting to sleep in our bed while nursing (and even when not). I think some is teething, some possible growth spurt, but a lot is comfort nursing. Also I feel like her bed is reallllly uncomfortable due to the whole SIDS fear I have. Firm mattress and flannel sheet is it. I'm almost thinking about putting a softer comforter on top and tucking it into the sides to see if that helps. Our bed is so soft and warm in comparison to hers. It is so cold in our room even with the heat cranked due to it being a drafty apartment with big windows....Oh, and I've tried getting her on a nap schedule to a__sist in her sleeping more at night and I can't make her go to sleep at certain times if she is not tired, so I'm totally at a loss as to what to do.


Kiersten - January 28

Has she started solids? Do you think maybe she's hungry for more? Although you said a lot was just comfort nursing...does she take a pacifier at all? If I were you I wouldn't bother with the comforter. You'd probably end up losing more sleep by checking on her a lot more often. Does she have any special things she sleeps with? My ds goes to bed with his pacifier and a little cloth for comfort. (Used to sleep with a small blankie, but I use baby washcloths under his bottle while he eats and he prefers that at night now. ) Umm...not sure what else to suggest as I kind of loosely followed Babywise and implemented a schedule so I don't have the experience of attachment parenting. Does she wake up around the same time of day every morning? I know you don't really want a schedule, but maybe if you try having a set first feeding and then a set last feeding then just demand feed during the day that might help? I hope you find something that works for you soon! Maybe someone else on here has ideas for you...good luck and i hope you get better sleep tonight!


amanda17 - January 28

I weaned my dd at 6.5 months. She's almost 8 months now. While b___stfeeding, even with solid foods and cereal right before bed, she was waking up 4-5 times throughout the night. Now that she's on formula she's waking up 1-2 times during the night. So it helped but didn't completely do the job. I heard that it sometimes has to do with weight. Lighter babies (my dd is a bit less than 14 pounds right now) take longer to sleep through the night, whereas heavier babies tend to sleep through the night at an earlier age and sleep longer. Really not sure how true that is, since I heard it from an indirect source. But in my situation (maybe yours, I don't know how much your baby weighs) it seems like it might be true.


eastcoast - January 28

I feel your pain! DS has been exclusively bf'd since birth, he's now 8 mths old and still wakes up during the night. In fact I spent most of my Christmas holidays as a zombie since DS was waking up 4-5x/night and was up for the day each morning at 4am (we opened our Christmas gifts at 4:30am!) I've spent countless hours wondering why he doesn't sleep (he's a 20 min. cat napper too), and came to the realization that there's always something -growth spurt, teething, etc. Re:bf'ing and weaning and sleep, I too follow more of the attachment parenting style and DS is bf'd on demand. Up until DS was 6 1/2 mths old, he nursed 12-14x/day (yes, you read that right), and then he suddenly cut down to 7-8x/day for no apparent reason, other than he was ready to I guess. He was still waking up the same amount at night (even though he was nursing less), but it is slowly getting better. Trying to put him on a routine does not work and he will not go to sleep until he is good and ready. Lately though for naps, what's been working is that when I notice he's starting to get tired, I'll wear him around the house in the sling for a bit, then tell him it's time to read a story, take him in his room and read his 'nap' book (I read the same book for naps every time), and by the time we're on the last page, he rubs his eyes and starts nuzzling me. He's then nursed to sleep and placed in his crib -sometimes drowsy, but usually asleep. Although I too am completely exhausted, I know soon enough he'll be saying 'Mom, leave me alone', so I'm trying to cherish each moment, even those with little sleep involved;)


eastcoast - January 28

Oh, and DS weighs almost 21lbs -no lightweight here!


Sprinkles - January 28

Hi stefkay my daughter is 8 months and she wakes still like 2-3 times at night and I nurse her - they say b___stmilk digests faster so I would think if that is the case formula might last her a little bit longer. I am so afraid of sids that I cannot let her sleep in my bed after nursing her - I used to when she was younger but the doctors kept scaring me and so once she started be able to move herself I put her in the crib so she cant get too close to me and smother herself. I have one of those monitors that monitors her breathing and movement so she sleeps on her belly and that was the ONLY way I could transition her to the crib when she was used to sleeping next to me .. i know alot of people dont do that and I would not suggest you do but for me that was what worked .. I put a REAL super soft blanket in her crib and tucked it under the sides and she slept on her belly - she now wakes just the 2-3 times to feed then back to bed and right to sleep. As of recent she grabs the blanket and pulls it out so I found fleece sheets that are safe as far as sids go because they have the deep pockets - they are awesome and she sleeps wonderfully ..still on her belly though. Also I incorporated a routine .. we bathe..put pjs on ..bf .. read book then lights off and she goes to bed - she fusses for a few mins then goes to sleep. I dont know if I helped at all but maybe try the routine ..doing the same thing at nights.. Good luck!


sarah21 - January 28

My daughter is 10 months old now and she still nurses at night at least twice a night. It really doesn't bother me except that every time she gets a new tooth, she is up every hour insisting on nursing and it gets old... I am pregnant right now, too, so it should be interesting. I think when the time is right for you to wean, you'll know.


Whitney - January 28

Hey, your not alone ... my 6 month old daughter still wakes up once or twice a night to nurse. But to answer your question about weaning ... I don't think it would make a difference with sleeping through the night. I nursed my son to 11 months & then gave him formula until about 13 months & he still woke up a few times a night until he was about 20 months old.... It drove me nuts!!! Though he was never a good sleeper (much like his sister), but I found in my case weaning made to difference at all.


gabby509 - January 29

Hey Stef, King is almost 8 months and is still b___stfed. He sleeps through the night for 10-12 hours. He was waking 3-4 times a night until he started solids at 6 months and has since slept through the night. One thing that I had to realize too was that he wasn't cold in his crib, he wasn't uncomfortable, he wasn't hungry, and he wasn't sad or scared. He just knew that everytime he made a peep, I'd run right over to him and nurse him, and it soon became a habit. My ped got a little harsh with me at his 6 month checkup and said "do you want your kid waking up 5 times a night at 3 years old?" "you need to nip this in the bud now!" So I let him cry it out 1 night and it did the trick. It was horrible and I cried the entire time he did, but it worked, and we haven't had any bad nights since. So I understand that crying it out is NOT for some people, but it worked for me. And my son still loves on me all the time and has no attachment issues or mistrust issues. I wish you luck!


amanda17 - January 29

Oh yeah as Sprinkles said, I put a super soft, thick blanket in her crib for her to sleep on. Before I put that in there she would wake up immediately after being set in her crib. I don't blame her... her mattress is so hard and her bed sheet is so cold, thin and rough. I can't find a soft baby mattress for the life of me because of the SIDs scare. It's a lot safer for her to be able to sleep on a comfortable mattress in her crib than in bed with you anyway. I also have this big bear that I bought for tummy time. His belly is flat but there's like some kind of jelly or something in it so it makes it really comfortable. You can't even feel what's underneath it. And it's also very very soft. I remember when I first brought it home, I set her on it to play on her tummy... Within a few minutes she rolled over and pa__sed right out haha.


stefkay - January 30

Thank you girls! Kiersten, she has started solids, but she is not wanting to take much yet. It is more for the learning to eat and trying the new foods. She only takes about 1/2 tbsp of cereal if i'm lucky at breakfast and even less than that of a veggie at lunch. I'm working towards 3 meals with veggie at lunch and dinner, cereal at breakfast and dinner. She did take a pacifier until recently...at 6 months or so she suddenly doesn't want it. I try to give it to her (she used to use it all the time in the day and at bedtime) and she purses her lips and shakes her head!!!! I don't know why?! I started using a lovey which is a small square of cloth with a teddy bear head sewn to it. I don't know that I am consistent enough in using it for her to become attached to it though. Her pedi said to carry it with her all the time and use when nursing everytime, but I forget :( AMANDA, my dd was 15 lbs at her 6 month appt which I think was around the 25th percentile so she's not big, but not tiny. She is a bit on the smaller side for her age though so that could be some of it. EASTCOAST, I think we have the same child, lol. Yep, same sleep stuff and same nap issues .She naps for like 30 minutes and if I can actually sneak her into her crib she wakes even faster. I "wear" her on the boppy pillow while I work a lot b/c she sleeps longer there. Now I put up the pack n play in my office and she sleeps better in that then in her crib in our bedroom. Oh, and I can't get her on a schedule either as she won't fall asleep until she is ready. I try to put her down before she is overtired on the advice of several friends and I guess I am missing that magical moment between awake and overtiredness b/c she won't go to sleep at any of these times. hmmmmm? SPRINKLES, I'm terrified of the SIDS thing too and hate having her in bed with us as I can't sleep at all for fear of her smothering. Last night i let her sleep with us all night b/c she is getting sick (cough and stuffy nose) and I was more afraid that she'd get worse in the night and I'd not know it so I basically slept with one eye open all night and her next to me. GABBY, I'm seriously considering the crying it out but want to wait until I'm sure we are past some teething and illness stuff. If I understand correctly, when doing CIO you have to stick with it and I don't want to leave her in her bed crying if she is possibly in pain or feeling bad b/c of her cold or something. I think I'll be more willing to try it when she's a bit older. Basically I'm making it my "last resort". I also hope as she takes in more solids it may help.


jenna32 - January 30

i really wouldn't doubt it. my 14 month old sleeps betetr when she has 1 gla__s of cows milk a day,thats as much as i give her though. i have mixed feelings about starting to wean,lol. i don't want to because it is healthy and everything but on the other hand i'd have so much more time!! Hope to make it to her 2nd birthday itleast.


red87 - February 1

I HEAR YA!! My babygirl is 6.5 months and she wakes anywhere from 2-5 times a night!! It's hard but I think I'm gunna wait it out until 12 months when I can put her on homo milk. A friend of mine also told me to try something that I'm going to start tomorrow...My daughter is only getting breakfast and supper right now for solids but my friend told me to feed her supper around 5 then right before bath (8:30 in my case) give her a tablespoon or 2 of cereal just as a snack kind of so I might try that. Hope it works...we will see I guess. I'm getting tired of waking up every 2-3 hours a night :(


red87 - February 1

And Brooke-Lynn was 18lbs 9oz at her 6 month check. I have issues with her sleeping on me for naps too. She is absolutely terrified of her crib - no idea why and I cannot let her cry. I've tried once and it only lasted about 10 minutes (checking on her 2 times in those 10 minutes) she also sleeps in my bed with me - I'm a single mom though so the sleeping in my bed with me doesnt bother me one bit - easier for those nighttime feeds plus she has her own little corner set up and I get the rest of the bed lol, Just the sleeping ON me is a pain! And of course, the waking up every 2-3 hours during the night :(


ChattyKathy - February 2

Stef, I know I'm showing up a bit late into the conversation, but I wanted to add that what I have learned is that every baby wakes up throughout the night. Its just about whether or not he or she can go back to sleep without mommy's help. Solids or formula wont help in most cases, and infact, sometimes solids can make night waking happen a lot more because digestion issues can wake baby. Don't go straight into making her cry it out if you don't want to, but start waiting five minutes before you go in there to get her. She may be able to soothe herself back to sleep before the five minutes. But Gavin is 8 months. Hewakes up at least once a night, even with cosleeping and my friend's baby who is on formula and solids still woke up about that much at a year. Every baby is different. Just remember that she wont be doing this forever. I don't think you are doing anything wrong. Sleep is just one huge battle in parenthood. Its always tough.



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