Where Are All The March Moms

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madison - October 3

just wondering if any march moms are out there? keep seeing posts of other months and would like to chat with moms of babies born in march to see how our lo's are doing! our lo's will be 7 months this month cant believe it! my dd is changing quickly- started the army crawl at 6 months, is pulling up on everything she can get a hold of, eating lots of stage 2 foods and loves her veggies (not so much fruits, which is kinda strange imo), she has started separation anxiety already (not fun at all) and is for the most part still sleeping about 10+ hours at night from 8pm-6:30. she still takes 2-3 naps a day from 45min-2hr....naps are still not too consistent. every day is different for her naps which i hate! she can play by herself for a good while but usually prefers someone to be next to her, especially in the afternoon hours. what toys do your lo's enjoy right now????


madison - October 3



countrymom401 - October 4

My lo was born march 7th his name is wyatt. His naps are the same which drives me crazy too. It would be nice to plan around them. He eats lots of stage 2 foods he like the fruit though. I make alot at home as well. He just started crawling and he sits like a pro. He is really trying to pull himself up now. He only seems to get up to his knees though. The fun has begun. He really enjoys ripping magazines. Not so much for seperation anxity though. He seems to be pretty independent. He sleeps from 8 till 630 it is nice. He also has no teeth yet. I am sure there coming soon. He hasn't wanted to really nurse for a couple of days and I'm thinking thts why.


iemc19 - October 4

There are a few of us on the March 22 thread - that was our due date - or thereabouts but no-one got to that date...all much earlier...My ds will be 7 months on the 14th...He also sits like a pro, rolls from back to tum but not the other way yet and has no inclination to crawl - but my other 3 never did either so thats fine.... He loves his food - finally getting back into breakfast which he despised for a while...he too isn't keen on fruit but finally ate some apple yesterday without spitting it at me or clamping his nouth shut! He loves toys that startle him - and there are always plenty around to help him out with that! He has settled into a nap routine...we are up for school at 7am, so come 9am he is knackered and has at least 45mins - sometimes if I'm lucky it will be an hour and a half! (yay!), then thats him until about 1/2pm when he will nap again - probably 45mins or so...and again thats him until 7pm when I try to get him down for the night - Well I say that but he doesn't sleep all night yet - bad mothering habits!


madison - October 4

hey march moms! my dd was born march 19th. glad to hear there are others who do the short 45 min nap, too. lol...i dont know if my dd will ever get to 2 long naps a day? she's my first baby so i dont know what to expect with everything. oh, my dd also just discovered the remote and cell phones and wants them all the time, what a pain!


countrymom401 - October 4

My lo loves remotes too. So I went and bought him one at a garage sale. I cleaned it very well and now he plays with that one. It is much better then the one we use because he kept turning the volume up or down or doing stuff I didn't know you could do with it. LOL I have just took his soother away last night and it is going okay. He is a little mad about it though.


Gretta - October 4

Chloe was born March 7th and I post on the March 22 thread too so feel free to join us on there! Chloe loves to be startled too! She also has been doing this high shrieking and shrilling scream when she is happy for the past couple of days. She sounds like a veloco-rapter not that I know what one sounds like but thats what I imagine. Anyone else's LO screaming in delight? She is sitting up really well now but is not really trying to get up to crawl. She loves b___s of all sizes and toys that makes sounds. She just started stage 2 fruits and veg and some meals she loves and others she fusses so I just offer it to her and let her dictate her meals. We are also still nursing yea! She sleeps really well through the night from 6:30 until 6:30 but she takes short 30 minute naps during the day.


iemc19 - October 5

All of mine have loved remotes - I think its because they see everyone holding them - its like a 'love' item...Everyone has it at some point in the day so it must be special!! Aiden has an old set too - but he knows the difference...if he sees the opportunity to swipe the real ones he's there!!! I guess Aiden is on stage 2 as well -- my food is certainly a lot thicker than the stage 1 jar I bought last week for my mum to use! I think thats the good thing about your own food - you aren't even aware you are moving forward it jusr happens gradually! But I would say Aiden far preferred the jar!! lol! Aiden is my 1st 'bad' napper...Although when he does his hour and a half thing - or longer I do eat my words...I prefer it when they get a wee bit bigger and have one long nap in the afternoon!!!


Carly XxX - October 16

hey.my due date was feb 15th but my lo was born march 2nd. she has 2 teeth now and only eats home cooked meals, she loves fruit and veg! she gets up at 7am, has porridge at 8am, lunch at 12, dinner at 4 then has a bottle and goes to bed at 7pm. every nite! she started sleeping through the night when she was about 3 weeks old. she is trying to crawl but not quite got the hang of it yet lol she screams every time i leave the room! its a nightmare! bless her. shes getting better though. she has never had a dummy or blanky. (i was kinda hoping she'd have a blanky, its so cute!) she sleeps for an hour after every feed aswell, except after dinner. i just got back from the bank today after setting up her trust fund. all is well. hope everyone is ok x



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