Where Are His Teeth

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bluebutterfly - April 11

My ds is 10 months old and has the 2 bottom front teeth. He got the first at 6 1/2 months and the next about 2 weeks after that. But he has gotten no more teeth since. It has been over 3 months now and I'm starting to wonder why. I asked the doc, but he didn't say much. All the other babies I see seem to get a tooth, and then continue to get one every few weeks to a month after that. I know babies can be late or early to get teeth, but I thought once it started the rest would ust follow on a somewhat normal course. Does this seem normal? Also, it doesn't seem like he will be getting one anytime soon, I check his gums every so often but no bumps, and he does not seem irritated.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 11

My niece is 10 months old and she only has one tooth. She got hers the same time my daughter got 2 teeth (my daughter was 6 months) But it just varies. They come when they want. My brother didn't get any til 1 and it came slowly after that.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 11

Oh and if they stop, typically at one they want to have you take them to a dentist so they cam cut their gums, which doesn't seem to pleasant. But since he has 2 they won't really worry about it. Its usually only if they are 1 without any


DDT - April 11

Every baby/toddler is different. Getting teeth isn't like hitting milestones. My ds got his 1st two at 8 months. Then his next two at 10 months old. Now at just about 14 months old he still only has the 4 teeth. Toddlers should have all their milk teeth by 2-2.5 years old.


DDT - April 11

sorry I have to correct myself...should have all their milk teeth by 3 years old. I always thought it was by 2 years old but after searching on the net quickly it seems like it isn't a worry until they are 3 years old.


Gretta - April 12

My dd got her first tooth at 13 months - and than she got 3 in a week!!! So they just come when they come - but we were wondering for ages when they were going to come!


jeni23 - April 12

My ds is 10 months old and still doesnt have one tooth.Im hoping they come soon also


Krissy25 - April 13

My dd got her 1st 2 just before she turned 5 months but then nothing happened for almost 3 months, and then she suddenly got 3 in one week. So i wouldn't worry too much, i'm sure they are on there way.



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