Where Are The Husbands

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D - November 12

Is this parent site only for mothers? It would be nice to hear what they have to say or have any concerns about infant care. I told my husband about the infant care site and he has no interest but to play poker on the internet.


Jbear - November 12

My husband doesn't mind hearing about it, but he wouldn't want to read all of it himself. (His game of choice is online pool)


CEM - November 12

My husband is very involved in the care of our children, but when he does get a minute to himself he'd rather read about wine or do some other non-kid related stuff, which I think is fair enough. The mind also needs some stimulation that doesn't involve children or child rearing. Maybe you could talk to your husband and hear what he has to say in more detail. Otherwise, we've got BBK who's a guy as far as I know. :)


monica - November 12

yup BBK seems to be the only husband. my husband is too busy working and when at home just plays with them thats it.


Toya - November 12

Didn't know BBK was a husband...cool. My husband is the same as Monica's. Goes to work, comes home..plays with the baby. He gets his Infant Care 101 from me!


Lucky People - November 12

My husband buys our kids stuff, plays with them or SOMETIMES takes them places. Otherwise every single thing is done by mommy. All he ever does is plays video games, works, or sleeps. It sucks.


BBK ® © - November 12

Yep I'm a DH, and this site is overwhelmingly DW's (does not stand for Dishwasher BTW). Most other dads I know are very involved but they hang out in more Daddy friendly sites where "pimp my crib" and "Quinny vs Bugaboo" are the leading topics. I figured that since I have a daughter I'll need all the venus-estrogen infused education I can get so she won't think I'm an insensitive b___d say.... 13 years from now ;-)....... thanks mommies for showing me the way!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 12

I tell Dh almost everything I read on here. Anytime something new comes up like the other day Amaya got a little red bump on her arm and he said, "why dont you go ask the people on your forum thing" He likes to hear about all the arguments and all the different beliefs that people have (shots, sleeping, bottles, formula, etc) Anyway, he would never come on here himself b/c he is a computer programmer so he is on the computer all day at work so when he comes home that is his time with Amaya.


sorry - November 12

What does dh stand for? My hubby thinks darling husband...? We have a bet going!


to sorry - November 12

I AGREE WITH YOUR HUSBAND only because I want him to win


Jbear - November 12

DH is dear husband, or darn husband (depending on the time of the month :-)


TC - November 13

Hey, sometimes it could even stand for Dumb Husband!! LOL Sorry could not resist. My husband hates reading. (complex thanks to his mother, had him reading at 3 and a half) And he really hates reading other peoples arguments and opinions. He would agree that there is a lot of info on the forum but he would rather not read about it. When he goes online he prefers to play chess. Also, I tell him about EVERYthing that I read and I think he might find it a bit overwhelming.


monica - November 13

lol I love the what TC said about DH being dumb husband.... BTW BBK I dont know about everyone else but its nice having a daddy here.....I wish there were more involved dads around.


Lesley - November 13

If I try talking to my partner he switches off and doesn't listen. That goes for more or less anything I say. Over the years I have kind of got used to it. I was siting last night working out how many days it is till christmas, how much stuff we still need to get, and what weeks we can afford to get whatever. When I explained to him what I was going to do he just completly blanked me. He asked what I had said so I told him again, only for him not to listen again. In the end I swore at him :-) He will sit at the PC playing on a stupid game called Knight Online from me going to bed (about 9pm) untill whenever in the morning. Sometimes he will be up all night. It really makes me mad. He stays in bed untill late afternoon. Wehn I went into hospital to have my youngest I ended up going into labout 2:50am, and having him at 5:24am. At 10am I asked if he wanted to go home and get some sleep so when I got to go home I wouldn't be on my own with 3 kids. He went home alright but didn't sleep! He went straight on the PC. As for playing with the kids - ha! My oldest asked him to play on a game on the PS2 with hm and he said no. He never goes out on day trips with us, never goes to the park, he won't even sit in the yard for an hour watching the kids playing. He does no housework at all. Doesn't even clean up after himself. The worst thing though is when he has had a bath, he doesn't wash it out after. I really really hate that. It's 9am here now, I bet he doesn't get out of bed untill about 2pm. and thats if I shout him up. So in answer to the original question "where are the husbands" my answer will be in bed!


lisa - November 13

this is a gossipy chatty site where women gabble about random topics and tiny things, i think men dont really go for this chit chat and would rather talk solid objects, my dh would never be interested in this site, but he hates small talk.


angela - November 13

to -Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie my husband does the same thing if we have a question about something he says "why dont you ask the forum people" lol he also works with comp so when hes home he doesnt go on the comp much. i never knew what DH stood for now i know :)


monica - November 13

lesley sorry....I would have kicked him in the b___t already....



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