Where Can We Buy The Delux Jumperoo

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Shanna - July 13

I really want to buy this for our dd as we do not have the standard door ways in our home, they are all arched. My SIL who watches her, had one for her kids and she got it out the other day, set it up and dd went crazy in it! Shes not crawling yet so I thought this would really help build her legs muscles. I've looked online and so far the only place I've found it at is Wal-Mart but you can only buy it off their site. Does anyone know where I can buy it at? Really don't want to pay shipping for it but I will if I have to. Thought I've read on here that several ladies had it. thanks.


AmandaManns - July 13

I bought my son's at Wal-Mart in the store. It was around $70 and my son liked it for about 3 months, now that he is 6 months old he does not want anything to do with anything that confines him...he wants to get into everything. Right now he is in the living room trying to learn how to crawl, he is doing good...now if he could only learn to go forward lol.


Shanna - July 13

thanks, will have to check them out, dont' get why their site says its only available online though!


Kel - July 13

I believe both Target and Babies R Us have it...I got it for my shower and I can't remember which store I registered for it at, but it was one of those.


jb - July 13

My brother got us our jumperoo deluxe. I know he got it at Wal-mart....at the store, not online. Every Wal-Mart store and area is different, I would stop in one sometime and see.


YC - July 13

They have it at target, babies r us and toys r us to.


Shanna - July 13

thanks so much ladies, wish it was not so expensive but she was so cute boucing around in there that I don't mind the cost as much.


Heather - July 13

I saw it online at Target and they offered free shipping on it. I looked at it just the other day so they may still be offering that.


YC - July 13

It was on sale at target recently here in CA. $54 bucks. I thought about getting it since dd loves to bounce but she is crawling and pulling up everywhere and walking along the couch now so I guess there is no point.



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