Where Did My Sex Drive Go

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torbman - March 6

Sorry TMI, but almost embarrassed to ask my doctor. I am on the pill but have never had a problem with it then. I love my husband and want to but it seems to take me alot to get into it. I don't want my hubby to feel that I don't want to because I do. What can I do to get things moving again. Joel is 9 1/2 months now so you think everything would be back to normal. Do you think that its maybe being so busy? I have two girls as well. I have been so tired too. Just not too sure what to do. Anything I can take or do? Please help.


Nerdy Girl - March 6

OMG, if anyone has an answer to this please do share. My poor hubby has dealt with s_x being the last thing on my priority list since the kids were born. I love him and I really want to be into s_x again, but by the end of the day after dealing with the kids and my home business, I just feel like dropping dead.


luviduvi - March 6

I go through this too. Mine goes in spurts and yes, I do believe its b/c of being tired. You should talk to your doctor b/c they are coming out with more and more drugs to help women in this department b/c there are so many of us. This is kinda funny but when I was on Wellbutrin for ppd, my s_x drive went through the roof. I wanted it right AFTER s_x. It was annoying to both me and my hubby. He was turning me down haahaa! I am glad I don't feel like that anymore, I was starting to become obsessed with s_x. It was just as alarming as when I didn't want to. It takes all I got to have s_x with my dh. I think he is s_xy as hell still but I am TIRED!! And too much on mind......did I switch the laundry, should I take the meat out tonight to defrost...what do I need at the store etc..etc..not s_xy thoughts. One thing that helps me get in the mood w/o becoming a problem is to have one gla__s of wine. Works like a charm


luviduvi - March 6

Also, dh and I make it a priority to still have date night...that gets our minds off all the to dos and I feel relaxed and that puts me in the mood not when I feel uptight...but seriously, talk to your doc.


torbman - March 6

haha luviduni.... I can unfortuantly relate to the " did I get that last load of laundry in the dryer.....Did I forget to get something at the store.... Was Joel breathing ok. hahaha. My poor hubby. We went on a car ride a couple of weeks ago to take his Dad to work, and just the sound of his voice I wanted him so bad but when I got home it was like "night". My poor hubby. It is rea__suring though that there are more of me and that I am not alone. :(


luviduvi - March 6

Well, maybe you haven't lost your s_x drive. You said the other night you wanted your hubby at the sound of his voice but you weren't able to. I think sometimes woman are just "in the mood" at times when they can't do anything about and by the time we can we are too pooped. Whereas men, can have s_x in their sleep. Dh doesn't always have the strength to take the d__n garbage out but he will make time for the nasty.........icky icky men! Just Joking


ssmith - March 6

Does b___stfeeding have anything to do with it? I haven't been "in the mood" since I was pregnant and dd is 10 months!! I can't bring myself to admit how many times dh & I have actually had s_x since she was born.....it is absolutely shameful. I don't know if this is something that will fix itself, or is an actual problem. It doesn't seem normal....although, after reading these posts, maybe it is. By the time dd goes to bed, I am so happy to be 'alone", the last thing I want is to be mauled all over again by someone else....


CyndiG - March 6

It will come back. My first dd is 8. It took about 2 years for me to really want to have s_x again after she was born. Before we decided to get pregnant with dd #2 who's 7 1/2 months, we were rocking! I mean it was fun and GOOD. But now, again, after the baby, I really could care less. I have to make myself do it for him. I just keep saying, this too shall pa__s. LOL! It's a combination of postpartumness, b___stfeeding, and birth control all rolled up in one. They have a way of wreaking havoc on your s_x drive! Just remember and a__sure dh that it will get better. :O}


Newhoneybuns - March 6

I'm also glad to see that i am not alone in this. I havent had much desire for s_x either since i became pregnant and dd is now 5 months. I try to explain it to hubby but sometimes i think he just dont understand that i dont feel like it. Another thing is that i will be 29 next week and he's 22 years old and i'm his first so i think he's at the peek of his and i'm not so it sucks lol


Mia06 - March 6

Mine goes up and down, everyday is different. So I aim for s_x atleast 1 a week but mostly twice a week. I use lubrication and once everything gets going I find myself into it and enjoying it. I tell my husband that its just hormones but he says it can't behormones because our baby is 6 months(almost) But it must be because even though I am feel mostly back to normal I am still shedding hair like crazy!


vonzo - March 6

i think mine paked up and went on holiday for 5 and a hlaf months. I'm slowly getting it back now but i think thats because i want another baby, and you cant have a baby without having s_x.....but then again there was an offer on turkey bastors... *ponder*


vonzo - March 6

scuse typos, again im sneakying at work


Erynn21 - March 6

Honestly right now s_x freaks me out, I don't want to get pg again, plus I have been having my hormones all over the place I had 2 periods in a matter of 3 weeks, then when I was ovulating had severe cramps(at least I am pretty sure I was ovulating.) For me though this gets my hubby back, he was too afraid to touch me when I was pg, and I did want s_x, HE didn't. For him it's karma, what comes around goes around. He's just gonna have to deal, I did.


SonyaM - March 6

I have no idea but if you find it let me know. Maybe mine is there too.


Smilefull - March 6

Sleep Deprivations--Hormones---Exhaustion----Being a "MOM" instead of "YOU"--it all cultivates a lack of s_x drive. So it's normal!



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