Where Did That Name Come From

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Dani aka Kamries mommy - January 22

I was just wondering how everyone came up with the name of thier child. My daughter is named Kamrie Mich__le. Kamrie because my mothers middle name is Kay and my middle name is Marie so I took out the Y and the A and came up with Kamrie. Her middle name is Mich__le because my first name is Danielle and her dads name is Michael. Anyone else have a unique reason? Id love to hear


sian - January 22

My daughters names are Tahlia Louise and Mikaila Jayde, No special reason, just because i liked them. My sons name is Matthew Jaiden, Matthew because i liked it, and Jaiden in memory of my son i lost.


Barb - January 22

Britney Alexandra (our oldest) ..I always liked the name Britney and my husband liked Alexandra, then Matthew James bc Matthew is named after daddy,James is after his grandfather....and Trinity Marie bc I thought Trinity was a good Christian name that speaks volumes and it also means 3....she's our 3rd child...Marie I just liked and is a form of Mary (which is my sister's name)


SonyaM - January 22

My first, Mitchell Thomas: Mitchell after my grandfather and Thomas after DH's grandfather. My second son, Mason James: Mason we just liked and James is my husband's middle name and fil's first name. Our girl (if we go for another and get a girl will be Marie Claire: Marie for both of our grandmothers and Claire I have always loved.


Cyn - January 22

My son's name is Noah and we just liked the name and it was the only name we both agreed upon liking for a boy. I think I started liking it from that guy that used to be on ER.


momma - January 22

Raelynn came partilly from my dad's name (Raymond) and my middle name (rae) and partilly cuz i liked it


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 22

We have three daughters and all are creatively named after family members: LINDSEY ALEESE (14) is named after grandmothers, Linda and Alice. LAURA LEIGH (10) is named after both grandfathers, Lawrence and Lee. HANNEBELLE WAYNE (prounounced Hah-nah-bell-ah ... 11 weeks) is more complicated ... we have two great-great grandmothers named Elle/Ella and an aunt from Belguim named Hannelore (Hah-nah-lor-ah ... roll the "r") and another grandfather named Wayne and a great-grandmother we affectionately call Nanny ... hence the nickname Nani (pronounced Nah-nee). Whew ...


Dawn C - January 22

Christopher Nelson JR. Just because his dad wanted a jr. I was so so with it, not as gung ho as his daddy


Sarahsmommy - January 22

I love the name Hannebelle. My dd is Sarah Elizabeth, Sarah because we liked it and Elizabeth after both of my grandmother.


KrYstaL - January 22

my daughter's name is Mattaya Alyza Dawn. i chose the first two just because i liked them and dawn because that is my middle name. Then we have Tait nathaniel because daddy's name is nathan and nate and tait rhyme and the middle name also after dad. (nathaniel) my little guy who is four months is Cagney Joseph, cagney just because we liked it and joseph after Daddy's uncle who pa__sed last year.


FF - January 22

Our reasons weren't horribly unique, but I do like my son's name: Brody Wayne. Brody was the ONLY boys name my dh and I could agree on (He wanted to name the poor child Cotton) and Wayne was my brother-in-laws name (my older sister's husband)- he was also my dh's best friend and when he pa__sed away almost 4 years ago we were both very saddened. So Brody Wayne was our choice b/c Daddy came up with it and Mommy liked it :)


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 22

Thank you, Sarahsmommy. I sometimes worry when people pronounce her name "Hannah-bell" because it reminds me of that gross Hanibal Hector dude ... then I also worry about the middle name being Wayne because it is so boyish ... but many little girls' middle names often times honor maiden names AND also I forgot to mention there is also a great-grandmother (Wayne's mother) named Jayne ... anyway, we call her "Nani Wayne."


The real Lissi - January 22

I wanted to give my child a Russian name, because her father's from there, and I liked Nadya best. It's the pet form of the name Nadezhda, which means "hope" in Russian. She's given me a lot of hope. Her second name is Mae, for no other reason than I like it and it flowed nicely with the rest of her name. I also wanted something very English sounding for her middle name. :)


Shannon - January 22

i liked the name isabelle, i heard someone else say it was their kids and i decided then and there to shamelessly steal it. i thought it was pretty and my dh liked it. my dh picked out her middle name, Kaitlyn, with my approval.


desiree - January 22

My dh and I could not think of anything..We both are bird watchers and affectionatly call eachother "Bird", and we come from the mountains. finally we got a book with 10,000 names, and Keston was the one name we both loved. Later we found out that it means Valley of the Falcon. Well that was just perfect! Adam is his middle name, and it means first...He is our first son, and first Grandson to both grandparents, so Keston Adam he became. Oh, man, my German FIL used to call us and give us his "suggestions" After Pugsley and Bodo, I told him no more....He said he was joking...............:>)


Lovely - January 23

Of 6 pregnancies, I carried only 2 full term. It's faor to say that my uterus is a harsh environment. In the Arctic Tundra, the harshest climate in the world, there are jagged mountains with rock cuts that face the sun. In these merely sheltered areas, wildflowers amazingly grow, against all odds. One particularly hearty flower is the "Mountain Aven". Of course, my hearty, surviving-against-the-odds girl was named Avyn. "Y" made it feminine


Lillie E - January 23

My son's name is Leon Jonathan... its kinda funny actually, my husband is really into this video game... castlevania... and he was naming of characters from the series (there are TONS) and when he said Leon i liked it because it is my dads middle name. We got Jonathan because thats my husbands name and we thought they sounded really good together. now when we were talking about girl names, i really liked the name Jillian, but Jon didn't because he thought it sounded too much like our names put together (because everyone thinks my name is Lillian, which it is not) but now everyone thinks we got Leon from putting are names together. Lillie... Jon... Leon... kinda funny i think!



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