Where Do They Come Up With These Things

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Rabbits07 - March 2

My 4-yo says some of the funniest things. I was just in the kitchen making some oatmeal when he came in and said, "mom, do you know what I wish?" I asked him what and he said, "I wish my butt was right here." and points to his pee-tom! I was kind of confused at first and asked him to repeat it. He said again, "I wish my butt was right here in the front." I asked him why and he said, "So I could poop standing up." LOL. What an imagination!!!


sahmof3 - March 2

ROFL... that is hilarious!!!!! Leah was playing dress up the other day.... she put on her clip-on earrings and necklace and then I handed her her ring and she said, "I think.... no ring... I wait to wear my ring until my weddin' tonight." I asked who she was going to marry and she said, "baby Lydia" (her youngest cousin) lol.


Mellissa - March 2

lol. that is so hilarious!!!


AshleyB - March 2

That is so funny! Boy's are spoiled, they get to pee standing up so they just want it all don't they? LOL!!! ----------bye the way, pee-tom? I've never heard that before....


Rabbits07 - March 2

I never had any brothers or anything growing up so I had never heard it called anything besides the technical one in health cla__s. When I was 15 my first brother was born and that was what my stepmom called it so it just kind of stuck in my mind....LOL. sahmof3, I think it's so cute how children have this innocent view of marriage that you can marry anyone you love....when my 9-yo was younger he always said he was going to marry me when he grew up.


Lchan - March 2

Rabbit, that is so cute. He'll only wish that until he is old enough to read the newspaper.


CyndiG - March 2

Pee-tom is funny. Morgan calls her's her toot. Don't know why, it just is. My little brother used to call his t______es, his eggs. That makes me laugh to this day!


bradylove - March 2

That is too funny Rabbits!!! CindyG...his eggs.... LMAO!!!!


Renea - March 2

Ok, so my 5 year old son comes up to me the other day and asks me "what is this" as he is pointing to his s____m. I tell him it is his s____m. He says to me, "oh, I though it was fat to keep me warm there." I tried not to laugh, but he really threw me off guard by asking--did he really just notice that they were there?


KLC - March 2

I love some of the things they come up with. the other day my 9 year old son and my 5 year old daughter where fighting (as usual!!) and Calbe says to his sister "Carly, everyone thinks your sooo cute but that's only because they don't know what I know" I was dying laughing!!!


bradylove - March 2

I always call my little guys monkeys and we say the "5 little monkeys" rhyme almost everyday, so Riley comes in the living room after playing with some toys gives me a hug and says "hi Monkey Mommy!"...so it was cute but a little insulting at the same time..lol!


rl- - March 2

that is just too funny......and I love the "pee-tom" thing with 3 boys myself I think I am gonna use that LOL!!



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