Where Do You Keep You LOs

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lizzy11 - March 8

This is mainly for the ones that aren't crawling yet. Where do you keep them when you're not holding them? Do you leave them on the floor lying down? Do you keep them sitting up in a bouncer, in the swing, entertainment system? Basically, where do the mainly hang out? lol. My DD has spent a lot of time in her little bouncer seat that makes her half sit up, but I'm now limiting that time to mainly just after she eats and then she lys on the floor, bed, or where ever. I'm teaching her about roling over. lol. She's exactly 3 months now. She loves to chatter though. hehehehe. Lizzy


Lindsey - March 8

I have a travel cot, which is set up in our living room, it has a duvet in tehe bottom off it and a selection of his toys, If i need to do some housework, he goes in there for a little while. He loves it and I know he is safe.


mandee25 - March 8

My son is 15 weeks old and if I need to get something done after he finishes feeding I put him in his bouncer where he is strapped in and safe. If I am in the same room, like doing dishes, he is in the swing, mainly if he needs a nap. Sometimes I mix it up so he doesn't get bored and put him on his play mat or Intellitainer or Jumperoo.


Wellis10 - March 8

If I'm watching TV I prop him up on a b___by pillow beside me.....so I can talk to him during commericals. Swing....or bouncy chair. I only put him on the floor for tummy time. Which is probably bad....


AshleyB - March 8

It varies for us, he likes his swing alot, so he hangs out in that alot, also the bouncy chair and lying on the floor on his blankie. That's it. I must say though, that I do hold him the majority of the time, which may be bad, I don't know. ;)


falafal0 - March 8

MY lo is 6 months old so he loves his walker and goes cruising around the house in it, bashing into feet and the fridge, trying to grab onto anything he can. He also loves his bouncer, and he has alot of floor time with one of us sitting in the lounge with him while he plays with his toys. He's crawling now, army style, so he can get around. I have four children, so when the older ones have friends to play, he goes in his cot where he's safer and off ground level, and perhaps in his jumper but only in our door way, out of the way of the children....he's gets moved around to whatever suits him at the time...



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