Where Does You Baby Sleep

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redsonya - October 4

How is everyone's LO sleeping? Where is he sleeping? My little 5 week old boy seems to only want to sleep in my bed (i'm nursing). Sometimes he'll go in his basinet and he has slept in his crib for brief naps. I love having him and am not a heavy sleeper but I don't want to create a co-sleeping habit. My 2 1/2 year old slept (through the night) in his car seat at this age, but we had a hard time getting him into his crib. My lo likes to be held a lot! Sometimes when I put him down he cries. Please share your sleeping habits/arrangements. I have girlfriends that began sleeping with their babies and still can't get their children out of their beds. Thoughts???


kimberly - October 4

Transition him to a crib or ba__sinet now or he will be in your bed for a while. I did this with my first son because I was b___stfeeding and he slept with us for 5 years until I finally just listened to his cries for 2 weeks straight all night long. It was horrible.


excited2bemama - October 4

I agree- unless you want to co-sleep for a while.. I wouldn't let your lo sleep with you. My lo sleeps in her crib. She slept inher carseat for 2 weeks, then her basinete till 2.5 months and now her crib in her room.


DDT - October 4

My ds slept in his portable crib for 5-6wks and then moved into his crib. He's been there ever since (he is 7.5 months old). I BF for 6 wks and at the 4-5am feed I would bring him into the bed with me to feed because it was easier and I was lazy. We would sleep together for another 1-2hrs. That stopped when we went to bottles & formula though, and after my df protested that he wanted his bed back (he had been on the couch those 6 wks because we have a small double-sized bed). Most of the time the longer a baby is co-sleeping with you the harder it will be to break.


britt_m - October 4

My lo sleeps next to our bed used to sleep with us. She went from ba__sinett to our bed, as I was so tired I didn't mind, then back to ba__sinett and just recently to a portable crib in our room. She's 4 months. She usually will come to our bed at about 4:30 as thats when dh's alarm goes off. She has no problem sleeping next to the bed, going to sleep or anything. I've heard, lol, horror stories but thats not the case with us. Good luck on your decision.


wailing - October 5

Ds slept (I use that term loosely) in his ba__sinett until he was 5 wks then we transitioned into a crib. But, he sleeps w/ me after he wakes up at 6am (he's 15wks) until 8am.


iemc19 - October 5

My ds - and all 4 of my kids - slept in a basket for the first few months and then the cot...BUT we co-sleep part of the night too...They always start out in their own bed and at some nursing point they come into our bed...I've always done this and at some point they do prefer to sleep by themselves - although there are nights when the opposite is true...Generally by 9/10 months they stay in their own bed...Oh I keep the cot in my room for absolutely ages - sometimes til their birthday!! I think with my last son he stayed until he went into his own bed! At about 18 months!! By 2/3 they all sleep like angels! HAHA!!


eclectic66 - October 5

my ds started off in his pack nplay in our room until 5 weeks, then we transitioned him to his crib in our room (where he still is at 10 weeks), we will probably continue to keep him in our room until he is sleeping through the night (which I hope is SOON)..lol


alida - October 5

My dd has slept in her room in her crib since day one. I have a ba__sinet in our room but that 1st night we brought her home our 2 labs were sooo curious about her and jumping all over the place to see her that I decided to put her in her crib and see how she did. We have a bed in her room so I ended up sleeping with her for the 1st month. It was great because I was so close to her and didn't wake my dh up all night. The sooner you put your LO in his own crib , imo, the better! It will make your life easier in the long run and maybe his too. GL :)



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