Where Else Can We Get Baby Weighed

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Sam - November 16

Hi...I wanted to know if there is any place where we can get the baby weighed other than the pediatrician's clinic.....My pediatrician weighs the baby with clothes and diaper...so i dont know her real weight....also, she is 3 weeks old (br___tfed) and weighs her birth weight (7lb 5 oz) only now...i really want to know if she is getting enough br___tmilk or if i should add formula supplements...thanks in advance.


Mommy - November 16

I know if you have a health department, you can get your baby weighed there. I have before when I thought Zane wasn't growing right. They weighed him for me, without the clothes and diaper. Hope this helps.


Chelsey - November 16

I just go over to the Community Health Center. They let you walk in and out, with no appointment, and you are free to use the scales and such. Its where all the Public Health Nurses hang out!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 16

You can request to have the baby weighed with clothes off. That is what we did, you can also request to weigh the baby then feed then weigh again so you know how much she is eating.


Fiona - November 16

I b___stfed too. From what I remember the weight is just about right. My lactation consultant told me his weight was just about right considering he was b___stfeed. She also told me b___stfeed babies sometimes lose a little weight in the beginning then gain it back. And not to worry that he weighed about the same.


... - November 16

If yo have a scale at home you can weigh yourself them weigh you rself again this time holding the baby. That should work also.


Jenn... - November 17

babiesrus.com sells a scale that isn't too expensive. I get my baby weighed at a weekly b___stfeeding group.


At the - November 17

grocery store when they are little it works ther when they are small. It was something we did for fun and it worked too.


Jbear - November 18

My mom used to weigh my sister at the post office...one of the hospitals in my city has a lactation center where you can weigh your baby whenever you want (just in case you're in San Antonio, it's Methodist hospital).



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