Where Is All The February Moms That Had Their Babies

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dedaa - February 19

Where is everyone? How are you all feeling? How are your babies doing? Alexia has been super easy to take care of all she does is sleep. She never cries unless i am changing her diaper but so far the transition from two to three children has been a easy. Isaac does not seem to mind another baby in the house. Trey is just in love with his baby sister. Although the two in diapers thing is real fun it seems like im constantly buying diapers or wet ones. So far im starting to get up and about today i can finally drive again so that is plus. Here they make you wait to weeks after discharge to drive after ceaserean . Probably like that other places too though. Well I hope everyones is coming around and enjoying there new little ones.


Justine1 - February 19

Hi Amanda. Glad to hear Alexia is an easy baby and glas you can get around now. As you know I'm a January Mum. Nicholas is a really easy baby too, only cries for food, weighed 10lbs 10oz last week at 5 weeks so gaining weight well. Sophie adores him and calls him Dolly as she thinks he's Mummy's doll - lol! She puts her head against his and goes aww Dolly. When he cries she brings his bottle and shouts Dolly, Dolly. Its sweet. I've got 6 months maternity leave until the end of June. How's your move gone? We're going to buy a house in the next few months hopefully a bit closer to London.


Justine1 - February 19

Lol - I just had to take a w out of aww w as it told me I couldn't advertise urls on this site!


dedaa - February 20

Hey Justine1- I cannot believe Nicholas is already 5 weeks old. Sophie is too cute! I cannot wait that Isaac is like that with his little sister. It is awesome that you have so much time off with the kids before you have to go back to work. Dh and I have decided that I will be staying home till Septmeber 2008. Then im going to go to school. We did not move yet though. Not until after dh is finished his course. Then it we will move within 90 days. Hoping that we can extend it a bit longer though cause he is going to take paternity leave for a few months so that he can help me out. Looking forward to that. LOL Going to need some help around the house. Well gotta go for now Alexia is calling me to nurse her again. Then we are going to take her to get her pics done. Talk to you later.


Justine1 - February 22

Amanda - That's great you can stay home until September 2006. What will you be studying at school? That's great your DH gets so much paternity leave - I love my DH being home, I miss him so much now. Hope the pics went well. Nicholas is fine. Will go to my parents for all of next week with my 2 little monkeys.



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