Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy Formula

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MelissaK - November 7

Does anyone know? We buy Simalac Soy at Costco, is there an online club or something out there that delivers maybe? Anyone know? I feel like I am constantly buying formula and I want to start buying by the case so maybe there is online service out there you all use?


kimberly - November 7

I am not sure where is the cheapest but you can sign up for free coupons and samples on the web. I signed up to Enfamil Family Begginings and I get free samples and coupons up to $10.00 off a can. I know Similac has something simular.


jls - November 7

I signed up at welcomeaddition.com (similac website) they mail coupons and samples.


JerseyGirl - November 7

I signed up a while ago on Enfamil.com because my 4.5-month-old uses Gentlease but I never get coupons!!! My friend, who uses Similac, happens to get $7 off Enfamil so she gives me hers.


kim00 - November 7

The best prices I've found is at Sams Club. But I don't know if they have similac soy, I use Enfamil. The drawback to sams is they charge an annual membership fee, and they don't accept coupons.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 7

Yeah Similac does have the coupons...We used them for a while...but they only work with the small cans, not the big cans or cases. But its better then nothing. I was saving a ton and I believe they give you up to $60 worth of savings. I got Nestle Good Start that way and now I am using Enfamil and I'm sticking to that. With Enfamil, they say if i buy $50 or more online, they will give me $10 back, I thought that was pretty cool.


kim00 - November 7

I think it’s ridiculous how much formula costs. It must be liquid gold :)


suze42 - November 7

I dont know why more people dont use the Generics? I use either Wal mart or Target's version of Enfamil Gentle Ease. They also have generic soy, lactose free, DHA ARA...etc.... They are 14.00 a can vs 22.00. I didnt discover or know about these until my first baby was about 9 mos old..but this time around i used it right off the bat. They compare ingredient by ingredient...and are FDA regulation...so they are JUST AS GOOD. You save money by not paying for the products advertising cost. Its smart!


olivia - November 7

I just started buying generic. I got a HUGE 3lb 3.4 oz (about 382 fl oz of formula) for $17 at BJ's. It is the Berkley and jensen baby infant formula. This is my second baby and he is almost 1 and I just got sick of buying the brand name stuff. It is a fortune! My son has had no problems switching to generic and I am so happy to not be paying so much (he was on nutramigen which was close to double the cost of the regular formulas).


kimberly - November 8

I agree about using the generics, the only reason I am not using the parents choice brand is because dd is very fussy on it for some reason. My ds however did great with parents choice, he was never on anything else.



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