Which Age Is The Most Fun

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EMBERBABY - January 22

Which age is the most fun for you lo in your opinion? Or which one do you miss? I am wondering which one you ladies prefer/preferred?


LisaB - January 22

I llove from 6months til now ds is 14 months. Ok basically not a fan of the early scary baby days but and loving the 6months plus. Everyday is full of new learning and sillyness. I love it


lexa - January 22

I love every age! I can't pick one because there is always something happening at each age. My son is 9 and my dd is 3.5 months and I love every second.


ash2 - January 22

Im with lexa ! There is something about every age that i absolutly love and adore. I treasure every month with something new !


Rabbits07 - January 22

I love all the stages as well. The newborn period you can hold and cuddle them all you want and there's nothing they can do about it..lol. Once they hit 5 or 6 months or so they get mobile and don't want to be held all the time, but then they are so fun to play with. Then as they start walking and stuff it's even more fun.


Rabbits07 - January 22

oops, submitted too soon. Even as they get older there is something great about every age and stage. If I had to give a least favorite it would be the tweens, but only in my girls....lol....my oldest son wasn't half as bad as the girls at that age.


ry - January 22

I loved newborn the best. From 2-5 months I didnt really know what to do with her then when she was about 5.5 months she really started "playing" and interacting which is a blast! I am loving her at 9 months right now!


piratesmermaid - January 22

I think my mom would have to agree with you there, Rabbits! I was awful at that age! I'm loving 4-6months (my dd is 6months old now), I can't decide which is better 4months or 6months. I love'em all!


Lisastar9 - January 22

any age as long as you don't have to fight or argue with then about everything


Erynn21 - January 22

I am having fun whatever stage Nora is in, I mean the newborn stage you are so high w/ love that you are just happy, deliriously happy, at least my hubby and I were. You realize that they are only teeny-tiny for those moments. Now she's 4 months and everyday we get smiles and happiness, I honestly look forward to everyday w/ her because you never know what new things they'll do, it all is awesome(so far).


sahmof3 - January 22

I love b/w age 1-2. They are learning so fast and doing so many cute things... and while they can have their moments, they aren't into the mouthy toddler/preschool stage yet lol.


ssmith - January 22

Yeah, I think every age is great for its own reasons. Newborn stage is so cuddly and snuggly. Two months is smiling and cooing....SO sweet. Now at 8.5 months, she is just so funny and goofy.....she makes me laugh all day long. As much as I love every new stage of her development.....I still really miss the old stages when they pa__s. I think 2 months was my favorite....the smiles and those first little coos were the absolute best!!!


flower.momma - January 23

Hmmmm, I've loved every stage so far. It is awesome to watch them grow, and they never stop discovering. Rabbits, I am not looking forward to have a tween-aged girl. I am a young mom, so memories of what a pain in the arse I was are still fresh. I don't want her to do to me what I did to my parents. Just tell me this... is it kind of like the terrible two's, but with a larger vocabulary? My 2-year old already has an att_tude and her favorite thing to say is "NO way!" She even grumbles and rolls her eyes when I ask her to do something, but does it anyway. I am in for it, aren't I?



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