Which Diapers And Wipes To Use

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disneymommy79 - February 13

Hi, I have used a pampers but I am about to run out and I am going to be buying again. I was wondering your opinions on who has the best for infants. Pampers were what they gave us at the hospital and we just kept getting them. Its been a long time since I have had a little one around. Your Opinions would be appreciated :)


lexa - February 13

I like the cloth type of wipes they have now (pampers or huggies). As for diapers, I like the CVS brand of the swaddlers. I don't like Parents choice from walmart. My tabs always rip off, making the diaper useless. I dont like the generic ones of Kmart, they feel like plastic. I used Huggies too. My lo can use anything really, she doesnt have explosive bms or pee all over the place. So anything really holds well on her.


Emily - February 13

I like regular huggies (Hate huggies supreme) and I like pampers baby dry (hate pampers swadlers) Luvs are okay but they run a bit snug I think….they don’t fit as well. Luvs are cheaper, but I still buy the huggies, unless I find pampers somewhere cheaper, but usually they are the both the same so I get huggies….


Emily - February 13

As for wipes, I like the cheaper ones ok. I like paents choice. Also luvs are good. Pampers nad huggies are good too, but not worth the extra money over the luvs or parents choice….


mosley12 - February 13

i use the pampers swaddlers and the sensative wipes..they are so soft!


lexa - February 13

The parents choice wipes are wonderful. They are clothlike. (forgot to mention those ones in the previous post). I ltried the Luvs. They did seem smaller. You can go cheap on the wipes. I have lots of times! If they clean, we will use them!!! I said I "like" them. Trust me, Im cheap, doesnt mean I always buy them, lol! Ive never bought the Huggies Supreme. I still buy Parents Choice when we are at Walmart. Then I bi*ch about them when they rip. Go figure.


ssmith - February 13

I don't think there is any real benefit to buying the brand-name wipes. I find that I go through SO many of them, it is much more economical to use the store brand ones. As for diapers, my daughter is a Pamper's girl!! I LOVE the Pamper's Swaddlers, they are SO soft. Once she outgrew them, we moved to the BabyDry because they are REALLY absorbant. Diapers seem to be a very personal thing though, different sized / shaped bottoms seem to fit different brands of diapers! Whatever works for you.


Emmie - February 13

I use the white cloud diapers for my son and the parents choice wipes


BriannasMummy - February 13

Im a huge fan of any of the pampers diapers and wipes. We cant use Huggies because my daughter is allergic.. gives her a bloody diaper rash. My first dd was allergic to them too.. i should have known better. Im also a huge fan of Luvs they work splendidly!! ~Kristin~


CyndiG - February 13

I can't stand off brand wipes. There's one thing I don't like and it's poking my finger through a cheapy wipe and into a pile of poop! LOL! I will only buy Huggies wipes, just the regular ones, not the souped up ones. I like Pampers Baby dry diapers, but will use others. But I don't waver on my wipes. :O}


KLT - February 13

We use White Cloud diapers - costs way less than Pampers or Huggies etc..which I can't stand anyways. One gives my son a rash, the other leaks. As for wipes we use the Pampers Sensitive Wipes...they are soft and gentle on his little bootie. : )


Lchan - February 13

I'm sure someone knows this: Can you please explain the difference between pampers cruisers and pampers baby dry?


Erynn21 - February 13

lchan-I asked the same question and what I got was baby dry are more absorbent and cruisers have a slimmer fit, I personally like cruisers. I use seventh generation diapers and huggies natural care wipes, they are the only kind that my dd can tolerate, oh I guess I did use some of the pampers kind and they were okay. I hate huggies diapers my dd blew out in them horribly, totally nasty.


disneymommy79 - February 13

I was wondering if anyone has used drypers diapers? I remember using those when my girls were babies, they were cheap and worked really good with them when they were really tiny. They were cheap too. I have no idea how they are now because its been almost 8 years since i used them and I don't even know where you can get them anymore.


LollyM - February 13

I use pampers diapers and the target brand "pampers" wipes. I learned my lesson about skimping on diapers to save money! I once bought walgreens brand diapers and they leaked soo bad! Huggies give lo a rash too, and I don't like huggies wipes because they flake off into pieces on dd's little but! it's so weird! Lchan, the pampers cruisers are more expensive... that's the only difference I can see!


MM - February 13

I like Pampers better than Huggies. I was given Parents Choice wipes & found they are just as good as the brand names & you can get a box of 400 wipes at Wal-Mart for about $9.99 (Canada).


ssmith - February 13

I find Pamper's BabyDry WAY more absorbant that the Cruisers. Although, the Cruiser's have a net-like liner for poop. I still think BabyDry hold more pee.



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