Which Diapers And Wipes To Use

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ssmith - February 13

I find Pamper's BabyDry WAY more absorbant that the Cruisers. Although, the Cruiser's have a net-like liner for poop. I still think BabyDry hold more pee.


Lchan - February 13

Erynn21 - Thank you so much for answering my question! The cruisers always seen tight around my son's legs but if I go to the next size, they droop.


Lchan - February 13

Lolly - I, too, noticed that cruisers were more expensive than babydry too. I have to admit the price made me afraid to try them because I've had great luck with cruisers, but major b__wouts with huggies and Walmart's brand...and to answer the wipes question, I use Kirkland brand from Costco. They are the cheapest. They aren't as thick as pampers brand but that has never been a problem for us.


mandee25 - February 13

I don't like parents choice diapers at all. I prefer the huggies or pampers but have used the Zellers and Superstore brands and they work okay. I really like the pampers sensitive wipes the best but wouldn't buy them exclusively.


eclipse - February 13

I also use the Kirkland brand wipes from Costco, or sometimes the huggies wipes if on sale. I live by Pampers Swaddlers-never had a problem with them unless my son is getting too big for the size. I'm on the last size though, a little worried what to do next.


Ashleyg - February 13

we love pampers swaddlers, and once mason grew out of those, pampers baby dry. for wipes, pampers sensitive...we are huge pampers fans and we tried everything in the beginning...good luck!


BriannasMummy - February 13

i beleive the difference between pampers baby dry and cruisers are that the cruisers are designed for babies on the move, while baby dry r designed to absorb the most. The cruisers r supposed to move and stretch with ur baby, making leaking a thing of the past. Hmmm that almost sounded like a commercial.hahaha! ~Kristin~


AshleyB - February 13

I like the huggies baby shaped fit and pampers swaddlers. They both have really stretchy comfy type tabs and I've never had a leak. Also target diapers are great too and half the price. I'm not picky about wipes, anything will do for me, I've been using the generic paren'ts choice brand from walmart for a while now.


srigles - February 13

I love the Pampers Swaddlers, and we just use the cheaper generic wipes. We tried the sensitve wipes, but I really didn't like them. For some reason, the generic ones we buy are thicker, so we go with them. I HATE Parents Choice diapers - I can't even count the number of times we had to do a complete outfit change because everything came out....


Selena - February 13

I use pampers swaddlers for when they are small and then move on to the pampers baby dry. As soon as they start sleeping through the night I use the huggies overnights for bedtime though as they really hold the most. Now that I'm typing this it all seems very complicated! As far aswipes I only use pampers sensitive.


christan10 - February 13

I love the White Cloud diapers at Wal-Mart...cheap and they hold really well...i use parents choice wipes and i like them a lot...they are soft and arent too thin..


lynnstress - February 14

I get the regular Huggies becuase they are way cheaper at Costco (don't know about the other club stores), and I get either Target brand or Parent's Choice brand (at Wal-Mart) for wipes, both are unscented and much cheaper when you buy the big refill box. I've been refilling and re-using the same plastic container for wipes for more than a year now!



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