Which Diapers Do You Use

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jacobsmom - October 19

Hi, I have a 5wk old and was wondering about which diapers to use. I was told that Huggies are best with boys and have been using them, but we have had a few leaks- especially at night. Any suggestions?


TiffanyRae - October 19

I use plain old huggies and love them. My little boy is 9 weeks and in a size 2 for diapers. I tried a few other brands and they just didn't work for us. We tried Luvs...lol terrible I think. And our exchange military brand...but they leaked. So yeah Huggies for us! But maybe you could use the huggies supreme for nights. Good Lucks...I know there was another post about diapers so you may want to do a search for it!


ImpatientMommy - October 19

I use the Pampers Swaddlers. In my opinion they are truly the best. No leaks ever and they are sooooo absorbent, my daughter sleeps like 12 hours straight at night and when I change her diaper, it's a pretty heavy diaper! but no leaks. They only make the Swaddlers up to size 3 so after that I plan to stick with Pampers, I think cruisers come after that.


excited2bemama - October 19

My dd leaked with huggies. I LOVE pampers. Swaddlers and baby dry. They are pricey though. So I buy the Target brand and dd wears those during the day and then the Pampers at night. The Target brand come out to be like 13 cents a diaper and pampers are anywhere fro 24-29 cents a diaper.


Krissy25 - October 19

I've been using Huggies Snug and Dry and they are great, i really like the way they are cut around the legs. Pampers seem to work well too and for a cheaper diaper Target's brand i find works well. LUVS are the worst my dd came out everywhere with that brand.


jendean00 - October 19

I use Pampers Swaddlers and I buy them off Amazon and they are so much cheaper and free shipping.


kimberly - October 19

Pampers Swaddlers are the best if you can afford them. They are expensive so to save money I use the parents choice brand during the day and at night I use the swaddlers. Luvs use to be a good diaper but I think they changed them or something because I don't like them anymore.


c_baer19 - October 19

I use regular huggies and I love them. I've never had any problems and only had a leak once, when I put the diaper on too low in the front and she was sleeping on her belly. (I don't change her diaper throughout the night because she only pees.)


DB - October 19

I use Pampers...Swaddlers til 8.5 months,now onto Cruisers or Baby dry. Yes, LUVS SUCK!!! We got a pack as a gift! I didn't want to throw them away so we used them every other time until they were gone..ugh, leaks everywhere. Try going up a size at night to prevent leaks.


wailing - October 19

I use Pampers Swaddlers also. They are the best I've found so far...but they are pricey. So, we actually buy the Costco generics (they are almost exactly like the Pampers). I didn't like Huggies at all. Target brand aren't bad...but their sizes are different. They run small. Ds uses a 2 Pampers but will need a 3 in Target brand. Good thing is they are SUPER cheap. $6.75 for 40. Pampers are like $10 for 48


DDT - October 20

I used Pampers until my ds was about 4 months old and then I changed to Huggies. They seemed to fit better around his chunky thighs. I loved the Pampers Swaddlers but they only go to size 2 I believe. Just a tips for the leaks during the night: I put my ds into 1 size bigger at night so there is more absorpency.


Jmom - October 27

pampers Swaddlers for both my DD and her brother. They worked great for both...


abriamiacadia - October 27

I use Huggies and LOVE THEM!!! When my DS was just home from the hospital, we used swaddlers...We were changing him every 30 mins. They SUCKED!!!! He wore Huggies 1 in the hospital and I didnt know that and I could not figure out what diapers he used there cause he didnt leak in the hospital. I recommend Huggies


jen327 - October 27

We used Pampers at first, but they always seem wet on the outside to me and I hate that. I use Huggies, and we had a few accidents at first but now he is 13 weeks old and SOOOOOOOOOO much better.


moescrilla - October 27

I love pampers swaddlers, but I'm finding out the HEB brand diapers work great as well...I've gotten several 7 dollar off coupons from the store (which basically means they're free, b/c they're only 6.98 before tax) and they fit him good and I havent had a problem yet. So far, so good....no diaper rash either.


Val - October 28

I use 7the Generation at night and when we're out with the baby, and love them. We use cloth during the day, but needed something that could go all night, and we almost never have leaks with these.



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