Which Formula Did Or Do You Feed

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dreamy2433 - September 26

I have not had my baby yet. It is almost time and I was wondering what brand formula you feed your baby and why. I am trying to figure out what will be best for my baby. I have two older children who were both very colicky and spit ip a lot. So I am researching the best formula to feed. Also I dont want any post on how the br___t is better. I have my reasons for choosing formula. So please no post about br___t milk.


DDT - September 26

I use Similac Advance. It is good as far as formula goes in that it contains DHA and ARA & "50% more calcium absorption than Enfamil®† for strong bones." But I do know that if your lo is colicky then Good Start, Nutramigen or Alimentum may be better to go with. Most formula brands give out free coupons and cans of formula to new moms. Just check online. That way you can try some of the "cheaper" formulas and see if they work without spending any money. I do know that Nutramigen or Alimentum can be expensive.


dreamy2433 - September 26

cool thanks. When my boys were babies there were not this many formulas to choose from. It gets confusing. I know a lady who uses which ever one is on sale. But I was wondering if it is okay to switch formulas back and forth like that. Seems it may upset babies tummy more. But she says if you read the back you see the ingredients are all the same... but I am still not sure she should do this.


aliciavr6 - September 26

We've been though a bunch ha. At first, we used Enfamil Lipil, then switched to Target brand milk-based formula. When my daughter got very VERY fussy, we switched to Enfamil Gentlease which made a dramatic different. One day I figured I'd try Nestle Good Start. When she basically cried for the whole next day, we went to the doctors and figured out she was having a hard time with the lactose (since Gentlease helped and has a lot less lactose then the rest). So NOW, we are on Target SOY and she's been wonderful on it (And it's only $12.32 a can!!!!)


aliciavr6 - September 26

dreamy, about switching formulas, my doctor told me it's fine, as long as it the same as far as milk-based, soy-based, etc. goes. Brand does not matter.


inuk-mama - September 26

Nestle Good Start was the best for ds. I did find it a little more expensive but sign up on their website and you'll receive coupons which can help.


k. - September 26

Nestle Good Start was great..... I tried enfalac first but that didn't agree with him...


GloriaD - September 26

I use Similac Advance with my dd and she does fine. Costco sells the big can for about the same price as the little ones sell at Target. I don't switch brands, I just stick with what works.


HopefulK - September 26

I use Aptimel. I didn't b___stfeed, I expressed for a while but was happy to move to formula. My pal (who is a reasearch demon) used Aptimel 'cos she said her research showed it is actually the closest to b___stmilk. My son moved over to it without so much as a murmer so it must be pretty close in taste and texture and he's a premie who is now obliterating the growth curve. I've had no problems with it, though he was a bit windy. I just used Infracol and it sorted it no probs. Oh and just as a little supporter, all five of my mums children were formula fed (sma and milupa, though my baby sister who's now 25 was alergic to the milupa and now has excema) and we are strapping, healthy, bright boys and girls. Its horses for courses and you have to do what's right for you and your baby. Hope you find what your looking for.


mommybabyboy21 - September 26

my son goes regularly and hasnt had any problems with nestle good start natural cultures...gl


kimberly - September 26

If your baby has a problem with spitting up you may want to try Enfamil AR. It has a little bit of rice cereal added in, so it is thicker and they aren't suppose to spit up as much. But, with my experience it is hard to put them on the right formula until you see what wiorks best for them. I have switched my dd 3 times now because of different issues she had. I had her on Similac Advance and she was horribly fussy and spit up a lot. So, I switched to Enfamil Gentlease, suppose to be good for fussy ad ga__sy babies, all she did was spit up everywhere. So I now have her on just regular Enfamil and she is doing better, but still acts like she is ga__sy, so I may even try the Enfamil AR and see how she does on it.


kimberly - September 26

Oh I forgot I also tried the cheap Wa-Mart brand Parents Choice with Lipids and she was very constipated on that.


DB - September 26

My dd is mainly b___stfed, but I do supplement with Isomil Advance Soy (I think it's called)...she had/has a cow's milk protein intolerance (imagine dark green bloody diahrea (sp?) at 5 weeks old, which is how we found out)....so Soy has been good for her so far.


dreamy2433 - September 26

Thanks everyone for responding. I appreciate everyones advice.


eclectic66 - September 27

I originally had my ds on Parent's Choice (the WalMart brand) and he did great up until 6 weeks when he developed a spit up problem so I started him on Enfamil AR (has added rice and is thicker) and it has worked great for that, but it has caused his stools to be a bit firm (sorry TMI) so now at 9 weeks I am going to try and switch him back to the other one and see if he can tolerate that as far as not spitting up all over the place lol


eclectic66 - September 27

Forgot to mention that the Enfamil AR is ridiculously expensive (approx 25$/can at walmart and 29$/can at other stores) so that is why I amwanting to switch my ds back to the old stuff


dreamy2433 - September 27

Electic -- could you switch each feeding? One the regular and one the Ar? Or is that bad for baby?



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