Which Formula Does NOT Constipate Baby

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gabby509 - October 5

Ok my son is 4 months and he is breatfed, but every once in awhile when my mom watches him he runs out of pumped milk and needs formula. So I was giving him the Similac, the advance( blue can), but it seems to really constipate him. The last time she gave it to him he did not poop for about a week and was obviously feeling pretty uncomfortable. I do understand that the iron in the formula is most likely what is doing it to him, and I also understand that iron is very important for him, but is there any formula out there that maybe has less iron, or is just non-constipating? I am also not sure how long I will be breatfeeding, so I'd like to get him used to a certain formula in case he stops bfing before he is a year old.


DDT - October 6

I am pretty sure they all have about the same amount of iron in them. The way you combat constipation is to try and balance it out in his system. Once he is eating solids foods like pears, prunes & peaches help make him more regular. Before solids if he hasn't gone in more then 3-4 days you can try adding 1-2oz prune juice to his formula or (if he will take it) 1oz prune juice to 3oz water. You can do this 1x a day until he is regular again. FYI solids that add to constipation issues are bananas & cereal (added iron).


goldfish - October 6

almost all work eqaully the same. However i agree with DDT with prune juice and oat meal single grain cereal can reduce constipation


Malica - October 6

At this age it's not actually the iron content that's causing constipation. I'd mentioned to my doctor that we were having problems and he said it's not the iron but just the different sorts of milk proteins (which vary between the makes of formula) each has and some babies will have troubles with some but not others, and it can vary between babies which. But at this point we'd already switched from Similac Advanced (the one with Omega 3 and Omega 6) to a lower-iron Similac regular and saw a little bit of improvement. The other thing that helped was for us to use a tad more water when mixing, and making sure it's not a packed scoop of powder. If you haven't started solids yet (which we held off to 6 months). Are you sure your mom mixed the formula correct? One or two bottles shouldn't leave him constipated for a whole week like that.


jenna32 - October 7

i am no expert but when i always read about nestle good start ( the formula i used), they had a thing about how their milk proteins are broken down more. it is expensive stuff though.


gabbysally - October 7

yup gabby, I'm going to agree that it's not the iron. we give our baby similiac with iron and her poops are totally regular. my sister-in-law is a doctor and her, along with our pediaticians, said that people like to blame the iron in formula for all the intestinal problems, but that there is a TON of iron in b___stmilk too. don't let people make you think too much iron is bad. so I can't really help with how the solve the constipation, but I just wanted to let you know what I believe about iron. good luck, hope your babe feels better!


gabby509 - October 8

Thanks for all the advice ladies. I really thought the iron is what would cause the constipation. I took him for his 4 month shots today and I talked to my ped, and he recommended I try the gentlease, since he is getting constipated and ga__sy. And since the only gets forumla on rare occasions he said it may be since the similac has more milk proteins, that maybe ds's belly can't handle it yet. So I'm gonna try the gentlease and see if it helps any. Thanks again ladies!



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