Which Highchair Do You Have

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EMBERBABY - February 7

Hi girls I am in the market for a high chair for lo. We are still not doing solids but I want her to start getting used to the chair and also allow me to free my arms while in the kitchen. Which highchair do you girls have and do you like it?


piratesmermaid - February 7

Graco one from walmart. It frustrates me to no end. I am constantly cussing (under my breath) at it. THe one I wanted was the Aquarium Fisher Price one, but we couldnt afford it. :(


JenS - February 7

I have the Peg Perego Prima Pappa rocker one. It's great!


Erynn21 - February 7

I have a Graco Harmony, I really like it.


Rabbits07 - February 7

Shamefully, I have still not bought a highchair. I cannot make up my mind and am ashamed to say that I am also cheap:-( I actually decided after looking and looking at highchairs on the net that I wanted a booster instead. I have looked at TONS of boosters and still can't find one to suit my picky self 100%. I am strongly leaning towards the Grow-With-Me booster from One Step Ahead. Dh and I are suppose to go vehicle shopping in the next week a or two in the neighboring city and while there I'm gonna check at some of the stores there (I live in smallsville, usa) If I don't find anything I like at that time I am promising myself to get the one from One Step Ahead.


Nita_ - February 7

we have the fisher price rainforest one and both dd and us LOVE it!! It comes with a toy tree with music and lights etc which can be removed and used as a toy while she learns to sit up! or you leave it on the tray for them to play with while you get their food ready/ while you eat lunch/dinner etc. It's got a newborn pillow insert thing so it can used for smaller babies I guess. It's got 3 settings for incline and 7-8 height adjustments! We bought at babies r us for 90 bucks I think, well worth it! As it can be used for upto 36months/3yrs! :)


ssmith - February 7

I have the Baby Trend "Malawi" highchair, and it's great. It's not overly expensive, but it's great quality. I worked in an infant room at a daycare for many years, so I have experienced many highchairs....some good, some c___p! The Baby Trend came with a nice vinyl seat pad, and also a reversible fabric pad. It also came with 2 tray inserts that fit onto the main tray. It reclines to 3 or 4 positions, and can also adjusted to several heights. It folds, is on wheels, and has 5 pt harness. Works great for us!! It was a shower gift, and came from Babies R Us.


LisaB - February 7

I love our Fishr Price Aquarium high chair. I really like that it reclines for when los is younger.


ash2 - February 7

We have the 20 dollar graco one from walmart too. It has an extended front to put jars and bottles/ sippy cups. It has gone through 2 kids and still going strong : )!!


Emmie - February 7

I also have the fisher price rainforest one. It is so nice. YOu can adjust it to how tall you want it and it has 3 recline settings. I love it. My son gets excited when he sees it and likes to sit in it after dinner for a while and play with the toy that comes with it.


rl- - February 7

I have the cheapest one that wal-mart had and I love it I am not that cheap or anything but i did not feel the need to spend a bunch of money on a highchair and I have not had any problems with it at all it cleans up very nice and easy I can even take out the plastic padding so I can clean real good under it. I have had it for like 7 months and it still looks new!!


ConnorsMommy - February 7

we have the evenflo expressions highchair from wal-mart... it reclines in 4 different positions and has 8 different height adjustments (which I love)!.. It didn't come with any cool toys.. lol, but it was only like 40 or 50 dollars..


Nerdy Girl - February 7

We never bought a high chair either, just those kind that strap onto the kitchen chair. Ours has a recline feature, so we could put the babies at the table with us even before they could sit up. Now my 4 year old uses one without a tray or straps as a booster. Our two chairs are First Years, but I have seen other ones more recently at Babies R Us. I have so much baby stuff all over the house that it's nice not to have a huge high chair taking up a ton of space in the kitchen.


sahmof3 - February 7

We have a Graco... I think from WalMart, but I bought it 7 over 6 years ago, so I'm not sure lol. Does the job and cleans up easily... that's about all I can say about it ;-)


sahmof3 - February 7

I don't know where the 7 came from in my post above. Chalk it up to mommy brain.


Ca__sJ - February 7

I have the Fisher-Price space saver highchair that straps to the chair. I love it because it will sit in the floor too and is very light. I put ds in it in the bathroom floor if I need to take a shower. We also take it to restraunts so he doesn't have to sit in those nasty highchairs.


spamanda - February 7

Ca__sJ glad you like that one, we just bought it too! Ds is 4.5 mos. and we've got a really small house with NO room for a "real" high chair. Can't wait to start using it.



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