Which Highchair Do You Recommend

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Fabienne - November 11

Hi :) My husband and I are about to get a high chair for Matthew - which one would you recommend ? Thanks !


monica - November 11

I dont know much about highchairs but I do like the once that recline a bit.


BBK ® © - November 11

I think we'll need one soon too. Narcissus has been using the "Prima Papa"; she liked it in the beginning not sure how she feels about it now, but that's the one we've set our eyes on; we figure it's easier to keep pleather clean than fabric! I also saw a Hippo-Hookup (not a high chair but a hook-on to your table) in action last night and it looked fine, though it would make me nervous and you can't move it around.


monica - November 11

bbk is the prima papa the ones that are leather or pleather and come in black or red and almost look like the luxury car of high chairs?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

We got the Envision high chair. It was on the lower end pricewise because I figured he would be in it to eat not play, and most of the real expensive ones come with a million toys attached. It reclines into 3 positions and has a height adjustment as well as has a removable tray for the dishwasher that fits into the regular tray. So far Lucas likes it, sometimes when I am working on something in the kitchen, I recline it for him and he just hangs out. it puts him more at my height and can see what is going on, I can roll it around and it folds up for storage.


monica - November 11

wow the Envision sounds really good. I will put that one on my list.


BBK ® © - November 11

Monica, yes that's them. They have a "rocker" version too. Epinions has 4 out of 5 stars, but one "Mama Doesn't Like This Pappa" and says the stains are hard to remove and the wheels lock up.... staining seems to be a weakness. Most people give it excelent marks though. They either love it or hate it.... not many wishy-washy reviews


Jbear - November 11

I have a Prima Pappa that I bought used. I haven't used it yet, because Sophie's not old enough, but it feels much sturdier than the two high chairs I had for Valerie, and the whole cover comes off to clean it. I wouldn't have bought it new because of the price alone, but I got it at the thrift store for $12. When Valerie was in a high chair, this is what I learned to look for: a cover that you can remove completely to clean, because babies will cram food in any crevices in the seat, and a dark colored harness, because tomato doesn't come out of the lighter ones. A lot of high chairs have adjustable heights...I never used that. A tray with dividers is nice, but only if it has rounded edges so you're not constantly having to sc___pe food out of it...when baby discovers she can pick up the whole plate and dump it on the floor, you may find yourself putting the food directly on the tray.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 11

We have an Evenflo highchair. I know it sounds really c___ppy but I dont know which model it is. I know it has 3 trays, 2 of which are removable one has different holes for food and cups. It has two spots on two of the trays for toys that snap in. It has 5 point recline, height adjustable, the fabric feels like cloth but everything wipes off of it really easily, I have only washed it twice since we had it (once when it was brand new and the other when I spilled an open bottle of formula in it (STINKS!!)) It has a bag on the side for anything you want to put in it (I dont use it but Amaya likes to throw it in the floor) and the cover/padding goes all the way to her feet. If you look through pictures on her website you can see pictures of it. www.amayajayne.com I highly recommend it. I think it is called the smart steps highchair but I the only thing I find on their website is a smart step discovery highchair and hers does not have the play tray.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 11

Oh and our highchair cost $80. Sorry I forgot that part!


monica to JBEAR - November 11

$12 but the new ones go for $139. You lucked out....


Jbear to Monica - November 11

Yes, but I have to order the harness because it was missing, and it will cost me more than the chair did.


- November 12

i learned any highchair works, you dont really need the ones that rock or that brings toys, as long as its easy to clean then its all good. Dont spend wayyy too much money on it.



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