Which Is Your Preferred Diaper Brand And Why

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Maureen - April 14

Hi all, I am currently using Huggies, but it leaks from time to time. I was wondering if there was a better brand out there and what would you suggest and why? I really look forward to reading your answers! Thanking you in Advance from Canada.


Jenn.. - April 15

Maureen, I recently posted the thread "Diaper Dilema". I recieved a bunch of Huggies at my baby shower but have been told by many mommy's I know that they tend to leak and leave babies clothes wet. I have no experience with and diapers myself as of yet. Pampers seems to be the brand suggested to me the most, sure they are just a little bit more expensive, but no one I know has been unhappy with them. I plan to use either Pampers Swaddlers or Pampers Baby Dry. Good luck!!


Maleficent - April 15

i posted on "diaper dilema" too. basically my advice is to start with the cheapest and work your way up. i never saw the sence in spending so much money on diapers when the generics do just as good a job. we've used dry bottoms for our babies and altho an occasional leak does happen they hold up just fine about 99%of the time.


MELISSA - April 15



KEEKEE - April 15

Hi Maureen, I use Pampers. I have a special needs son who was in diapers for years. I have tried almost every brand and Pampers never failed me. Try to buy from amazon .com, the prices is a little cheater. I all so noticed SAM"S CLUB prices are cheaper too.......When I had 11 month old, I went for Pampers. They don't leak....OH, try to change at every feeding to prevent leaking...........Good Luck!!!!!!


E - April 15

I LOVE Pampers Swaddlers. No leakage.


Janet - April 15

I amslo have been using Pampers Swaddlers and love them. They seem to work the best for my son. If you have a boy, point his wee-wee down just before you tighten the diaper...the nurses told me to do this in the hospital as it would lessen leakage!


Lisa A - April 15

Hey Maureen I'm currently pregnant with my 3rd. I used Pampers with my other 2 and I will continue to use Pampers with this one as well. I did try the other brands with my first but quickly found out that pampers worked the best for me. Good luck from Ontario


Maureen - April 16

Thank you all for writing in and giving me all your suggetions. It seems that Pampers is the preferred choice. I'm going to try them out. I hope Walmart sells them for less, as they are more expensive. Do you think Walmart has a generic brand that's not bad and works well and costs less?? Thank you again for your replies! All the Best from Quebec.


michelle - April 16

I use the White Cloud brand sold at Wal-Mart. I like them better than Pampers or Huggies.


c - April 20

from my experience (so far) they all leak from time to time. i like huggies... but lately i've just been buying store brand cheapies. they seem to work just as well


Jbear - April 21

Luvs work the best for my daughter. They seem to have less odor than the store brands. Also, when the diaper leaks all the time, it's usually a clue that you need to go up a size.


Rachel - April 24

Cloth, from what I have heard, are very absorbent and they come with vinyl covers in case there are leaks.


kim - April 29

LUVS they don't leak and they are cheaper then pampers. Pampers work just as good but why pay more.


Kerry - May 3

I also got alot of huggies from a baby shower and find that they leak and get my daughters clothes wet I recently opened some pampers swaddlers and thet are great no leaks and they smell good! But they are pricey. I'm also from Canada and I can't get luvs here or at least I can't find them


Maya - May 3

I just had my baby girl April 19 and we're using Pampers on her, she could flood it Niagara Falls and it won't leak! They're a life saver! With my oldest (2 yo) we're training but we use diapers at night, the cheap "Parent's Choice" from Walmart and they have not leaked either. I recommend them both. I am in Canada also, close to Ottawa. :)


huggies - May 10

because there better



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