Which One Of These Foods Should I Try Next

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dee23 - January 11

ds will be 6 months in 4 days and he has had sweet potato, which he has absolutly hated every day for a week now. so i may aswell try something else. in the fridge i have, carrot, banana, the purple sweet potato and apples. which of these is ok to try next? and is it safe to give carrots because of the nitrates? thx.


aurorabunny - January 11

Just a heads up---if he hates sweet potatos he's going to hate the carrots as well. They pretty much taste exactly the same, not sure why...but they do. But I'm pretty sure they're safe to give...I've been giving them to my ds for a while now and he's 6 months old. I betcha anything he'll love the bananas!


Nita_ - January 11

i've read in my baby book that carrots are not good to be made at home due to nitrates. So I buy store bought..i'm guessing you are talking abotu making your own food right? Apples might be a good choice in my opinion. I've heard many of my friends say their babies liked applesauce. I've only given store bought carrots so far to my 6month old baby.


Emmie - January 11

I guess your son is doing homemade baby food. Just so you know my son didnt like gerber squash or sweet potatoes but the loved the beech nut baby food. My son liked the squash and the applesauce.


aurorabunny - January 11

Oops yeah sorry...I just a__sumed that you were talking about store made baby food carrots. That's all I give...sorry if I misled ya there.


ElizabethL. - January 12

It is safe to give carrots produced by a baby food manufacturer, they use carrots that are not grown in standard soil that has high nitrite levels. Avocado is a good first food to try, is very soft and basicaly has zero flavor. Bananas are always a hit also.


3babies - January 12

Hi Dee, I'm sure you will get a few different opinions, but I would try pureed cooked apple next. Most babies like this. I also have good success with pumpkin (I look for a nice orange piece that will be a bit sweeter). Bananas can have a constipating effect so keep an eye out for that (I cant remember if it was your bub that had trouble with that?) Pears also go down well if he likes apple. If it makes them poo a lot I mix a teaspoon of farex with it (good for extra iron if they dont like it by itself as cereal).


sashasmama - January 12

TRY THIS RECIPE - it's easy, and I bet he'd love it! I freeze it in portions: -2 bananas (mash with a fork to a consistency your child is used to); -grate 1 apple and 1 pear, add to the mashed bananas; -juice half a lemon (to prevent browning) -mix 4-6 oz of formula (you can use b___stmilk) and add to the fruit mixture; -if it's too thin you can add a bit of rice cereal; As he gets older you can start adding different thingsif you like, I put milled flax seed, wheat germ and sometimes tofu.



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