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lizzy11 - March 13

Hey ladies! My DH and I are going to buy a swing for DD tomorrow, but there are so many brands and designs we are overwhelmed and don't know which one to get. We're considering the fisher price ocean swing, aquarium swing, or baby einstein. Any other suggestions? Opinions? Thanks a bunch! Lizzy


ashtynsmom - March 13

We had the Graco Pooh Days of Hunny. Dd loved it!! Of course, the sitter had a different one, and she loved it too!! I think you are safe with just about any swing!! :)


LisaB - March 13

We LOVED the fisher price papsan swing it was a life saver for us. My sister just had a baby and she didn't like how "boring" the papasan swing was well I took it to her house cuz he ds wouldnt sleep in there swing and he LOVES it. I think its great cuz it makes the baby feel all cozie and they sleep sleep sleep..


Danielle19 - March 13

i got just a regular graco one, ds loved after he was 8 weeks, but i saw one of those swings that rocks side to side insead of back and forth and i really wish i would have got that one, its so cool


jacksonsmommy - March 13

I agree with ashtynsmom -- any swing will do the job -- keep them quiet : ) We have the papasan cradle swing and DS loves it. I have weaned him off it because I wanted him to start taking naps in his play pen instead. But they're great!


srigles - March 13

We have the Fisher-Price Take-Along Aquarium swing. It's fantastic, and our ds has spent many, many happy hours in it. The only drawback I've noticed is that it goes through batteries like crazy. Other than that, I'd definitely recommend it.


DB - March 13

We also have the Papason swing. My dd loves it, especially turned up all the way. Sometimes it's the only way we can calm her...and it can go front to back or side to side. My MIL bought the fisher price take along aquarium swing and my dd likes it to, but since it's more upright she won't fall asleep as easily in it.


Steph - March 13

We had the Nature's Touch Papasan Swing and loved it! It certainly was a lifesaver for the first 3-4 months (cause Trev slept in it!) I certainly should have bought stock in batteries because it sucked the life out of them. I ended up going to the Dollar store and getting their cheapo batteries so I didn't feel so cheated when they ran out!


DB - March 13

Oh yeah, buy stock in Engergizer!! We buy D batteries soooo often because of all the "toys" that swing or vibrate!!


DB - March 13

Steph-that's funny we must've posted that right about the same time!!


AlissaF - March 13

I too think the papasian swing saved my life!!! Sage slept in it for the first 3 months and I still use it to calm him down sometimes. By far one of the best items I own for him!


lizzy11 - March 13

Wow! Thanks so much for all your input. It's much appreciated! Guess we'll stop worrying about it and and just pick one. lol. We'll stock up on the batteries too! I want one with lots of toys though because Hannah is 13 and a half weeks old now so she needs to be entertained more! lol. Thanks again! Lizzy



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