Which Would You Give First Solids Dilema

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dee23 - February 11

ds has 2 sets of solids a day. one at about 11am and one at about 3pm. i usually give him rice and fruit in the morning and then rice and veggies in the afternoon. so far, he loves the fruit, but i have a hard time feeding him veggies in the arvo. today i gave him veggies first, so it would be easier for me to feed him when we are out in the afternoon. he hated it as usual and screamed bloody murder. i didnt offer him an alternative because he needs his veggies as he is starting to refuse formula. even though he hated it, he did have more than usual because he is starving at 11. if i continue to give him veggies in the morning and fruit in the arvo, am i setting up a bad habit for later on? i see veggies as a dinner food, and im just afraid that if he gets used to it in the morning, he wont eat table food for dinner when he is older. what do you all think? it is easier to give him veggies in the morning at this point. but how long can i continue this without setting a bad example for later dinners?


jb - February 11

How old is he? I don't think it will set a bad example. They are too young to understand what food really 'goes' with what time of day. Do what works best for you and your lo. Once he is completely off formula, then I would try and show him which foods are eaten at which meal. Also, is it possible that he just doesn't like the particular veggie you are giving him? Maybe try a different one and see if that makes a difference.


dee23 - February 11

thx jb. he is almost 7 months old. he hates all veggies. i have tryed just about all of them. i might just keep doing veggies/morning, fruit/arvo. as for age wise, is it safe to start giving him food other then mush? he has eaten peas without chocking, but thats the biggest sized food he has gotten. what do u all give ur 7 month old to eat?


dee23 - February 11

oh and besides fruit and veggies, i have tryed him on tuna and chicken and he hates them too!


jb - February 11

Sounds like he just may be picky and not like veggies. That can easily change though. He may like them in the future. Do you give him the fruit and veggies right after the bottle or do you wait about an hour or so? It may be possible that he is getting these things to close together and he is not hungry for them. As for feeding finger foods, you could certainly try. Try giving him the gerber puffs or a piece of a Ritz cracker or some cheerios. All of those are easy enough to break down easily in his mouth. Those are the things I started my dd on when she was that young. Oh also, don't worry if he doesn't get enough veggies or fruit at mealtime. Right now formula is the most important for him.


dee23 - February 11

thx again jb. he has a 2 hour break between each meal, thats why i was thinking he didnt like it. whats gerber puffs? i live in australia and ive never heard of them. maybe i over looked it? is it in the baby isle in the supermarket? i thought cheerios had too much sugar in them? .


hello - February 12

do you make them taste nice, try adding some gravy even or some stock for a bit of flavour


sarahbaby11 - February 12

at his age don't wory about a bad habit to food really forming. my daughter was the same...the fruits are sweeter so can you blame them. anyway she is three now and loves her veggies at dinner she always asks for seconds so no problem there. the gerber puffs are good for snacks...they just fall apart in there mouth so they can't choke inless they shoved a hundred in there. they make them in veggie flavors too not just fruit. i;d try the veggie ones first...maybe it isn't the veggies he doen't like but rather the texture in his mouth. the fruit is often smooth but the veggie have a little more lumpiness to them. he might just have a texture issue. try different things just remember to wait a week between introducing a new food so if he has an allergy you will know exactly what it is to


Deb - February 12

Carly hates veggies, but I quickly solved that problem. I mix some fruit into her veggies and she eats them just fine. Try mixing pears with peas, apples with green beans, and sweet potato with squash. Adding a little natural sweetness really helps mask the yucky veggie taste. Heck, I wouldn't want to eat that c___p either! :o) As the weeks go by decrease the amount of fruit you are adding until finally he is just eating veggies alone.


Newhoneybuns - February 12

that is kind of funny cause my dd loves veggies and just hates fruits lol


3babies - February 13

Hi Dee, we dont get gerber puffs here in australia, but Abbey is 7 months and I have just started giving her a quarter piece of bread with b___ter and vegemite. She sucks and chews it (has 2 teeth and 2 on the way). She has also had some hot x bun and pieces of banana in her hand as well as some milk arrowroot biscuits. I just watch her closely. Good luck BTW a friend of mine had to mix the sweet with the veg for her little boy until he got older too ... I know its gross for us, but they dont know!!



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