Whiny Child

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Erin1979 - March 4

My 6 month old daughter is getting SO whiny! I don't know what to do. I try to entertain her, but she still insists on crying and whining all the time! I'm at my wits end. Anyone else have this problem, and any suggestions how I can get her to stop?


Jamie - March 4

Has she started on solid foods? If so, you might want to increase how much she's getting. My 7 month old gets whiny sometimes, too, but I just give her a bit more solids, and she's fine. She's up to a jar and a half 3 times a day, and down to only nursing 4 or 5 times daily.


Chelle - March 4

She may be teething. My 7 month old daugher has 2 bottom teeth coming in at the same time and she's been the same way for the last few weeks.


Happy Mom - March 5

Sounds like she'ds teething to me. For teething I use Hylands teething tablets and I freeze b___st milk and baby food in ice cubes. They are great because they keep baby busy and more importantly HAPPY while they soothe sore gums.


Maggie - March 5

Definately teething. I agree with Happy Mom. Get teething tablets (Hylands or Humphrie's), and I never even thought of frozen formula (b___stmilk) but thats a really great idea. Do you see any white bumps on her gums? You may want to take her temp too. Teething can cause low grade fevers and good ole tylenol works great for that. Teething is a b*tch but once you find what works to ease her pain she will be a happy baby again.


Erin1979 - March 6

She already has her two bottom teeth....maybe it the top ones now. I'm a dental hygienist, so I know what to look for, but I am not seeing more teeth as of yet. She doesn't have a temp, and I don't like giving her meds "just in case".....maybe I'll try the frozen formula cubes. That is a good idea. Also to Jamie: She is getting solids, but she had a cold about 2 weeks ago. She is just getting back into eating solids. A lot of the time, she is not eating as much as she used to. We're buliding her back up to where she was. I live in Canada, and I do not see teething tablets anywhere. I''ve looked, and I just don't think they sell them here. Any Candadians who buy teething tablets??


Happy Mom - March 6

I get my teething tablets at the health food store in the town where I live. In Canada. If you go to your local one and they don't have them they probably will order them in for you.



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