White Noise

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jwhite - February 23

I'm not getting a lot of responses on the other posts so I'll just make my own post. I have used a humidifier with my dd with it being Winter, with it beginning to get warmer now at night I don't need to run it but I am worried she won't sleep well without it. Now during the weekends when she takes a nap I don't use it, I also have a air purifier running now cause I think she might have allergies. I don't want her used to having a white noise, do you all think it might mess her up?? We also have our cat box (litter box) in the laundry room which is right by her room and our cat is very loud when he uses the litter box and our washer and dryer are loud so that's also why I have kept it on for her. Do you all think I could turn it off, how long do you think it might take her to get used to not having it on?


Emily - February 23

What would it hurt ot runt he air purifer all the time. We run one in our dd room and I swear it helps her sleep better. Of course the last couple of months we have run a humidifer instead but plan on switching back once it warms up


jwhite - February 23

but are you worried about her getting used to the sound and not being able to sleep without some kind of noise?


ashtynsmom - February 23

My dd has a purifier going all night too. She has allergies and is on Singulair, so I think she NEEDS to have that on all of the time. There is nothing wrong with white noise, even if she needs it every night. Like Emily said, it is GOOD to run the purifier! Who woudln't like cleaner air!! :)


Steph - February 23

Trevor sleeps with a fan pointed at the wall every night. If he didn't he'd probably wake up to every single noise and every time someone went up or down the stairs. I don't see anything wrong with it....I need to have some type of nosie when I go to sleep as well. The pure silence drives me nuts!


jwhite - February 23

What kind of air purifier do you all have? I have a Holmes from Target, do you all also shut their bedroom door when you put them to bed at night?


Steph - February 23

I shut Trevor's door until I get ready to go to bed. Then I open it about four inches.


jwhite - February 23

I have a cat who likes to go around meowing at night sometimes so that is why I keep hers shut but I would like ot have it open. I had it open for a while but he started (the cat) started to meow again. So now I am a bit worried to keep it open again. I'm a scaredy cat...


Kara H. - February 23

I always use sometime of background noise when Max sleeps. During the night it helps him sleep thru the furnace kicking on and off and the kitties bouncing around the house all night. During the day when he naps, it allows me to be able to run the vacc_m cleaner or bang around putting away dishes without worrying about waking him up. We sleep with a fan on all night to block out the sound of the cats, so I'm ok with Max wanting a fan or something for white noise in his room when he gets older.


sahmof3 - February 24

We've used fans with our kids for white noise. My younger two still use fans, but my oldest doesn't anymore. The first night w/out it I thought he'd wake up to every noise (we had a new baby in the house... it was noisy lol), but he didn't! He hasn't needed it since... I guess they outgrow the need for it eventually... and he was a baby that REALLY needed the white noise. He was extremely sensitive to any noise and would wake up for everything! Oh, and he was 3 years old when we stopped using the fan for him.


Emmie - February 24

My son has to listen to music at night. We started it when he was little and now he cant sleep with out it. When he is tired in the car he fusses til we turn the radio on and then he goes right to sleep.



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