White Noise Really Works

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FF - December 5

I am soooo happy right now I just had to come tell everyone! I have been trying to get my son to sleep by himself (at least for the first part of the night) and tonight it worked! I turned the radio in my room onto static and he was out in 10 minutes with hardly a cry!!! YEAH!!!


FF - December 5

Just kidding :( He woke up screaming a couple of minutes later. Does this ever get easier?


Beccah - December 5

LOL you had me going there!


Tami - December 5

Hey FF, try swaddling him and then turning on the white noise! That may work better. I know that my daughter needs both to sleep. Make him feel like he is back in your tummy-all warm and secure!


lisa - December 6

had me going too! anyone tried one of those white niose cd?


Jbear - December 6

I bought a crib mobile that has white noise as one of its options. It doesn't seem to calm her down any more than the other settings. It came with a remote, though, and my three year old loves remotes, and noise, so it never stays on white noise very long.


Sarah - December 6

We sleep w/ a box fan in our room-it works wonders.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 6

White noise really helped when Lucas was colicky, we taped our vacuum so we didn't burn it out and as long as that was playing, he would sleep, and wake up as soon as it was over. Our white noise machine was never loud enough but static on the radio is how we still make it thru some car rides!


April - December 6

Have any of you seen or used the teddy bear that makes womb noises? It is really soft, and hooks onto the crib, and the noises do sound very soothing - even to me! Just wondering if they actually do any good.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 6

I do have one, and although Lucas likes to look at it and hear it while awake, it never worked to help him sleep.


ally - December 7

My daughter reached a point where she always put herself to sleep at nite, day was different. I put on this music fisher price thing, it plays for ten mins as well as her mobile which plays music and she gets herself to sleep. Only reason she wont is if she is in pain and didnt burp, i am lucky i tell u what but it took time. I remember vigorously rocking that ba__sinett many a day haha, it wasnt til she got in the cot that i thought this thing is too heavy i cant rock the hell out of it so the music that plays for a short time was the best investment and after it plays she falls asleep


Heavenly - December 9

The only thing other than a b___b to put my little one to sleep is a rattle. I have to shake, shake, shake until she falls asleep but it works.....and I work out my forearms.



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