White Tongue

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ethanmichaelsmom - March 8

My son has a white coating on his tongue and he's 4 1/2 months old...he had it for as long as I can remember and at his 2 month appt. the doc said it wasn't Thrush and just from his formula...If that's true then why doesn't it wipe off? How can I clean his tongue in that tiny little mouth? I've tried a wash cloth but no good...


luviduvi - March 8

Sounds like thrush to me. My ped didn't see it at the 2 mth but by 3mth the coating appeared. Thrush is painful. Don't try to wipe it off b/c it will bleed. It can cause for some painful sucking/eating as well. Call ped. you need some Nystatin antibiotic. P.S. it's a bi*ch to get rid of


ethanmichaelsmom - March 8

Thanks for the response...I wonder why the doc said that. He was always right about everything else! He hasn't been in for his 2nd round of shots yet (we're in the middle of changing doc's since mine relocated)...hmmm so we'll have to bring it up with the new one.


lexy - March 8

yep..sounds like thrush. my ds had it when he was little. my dd doesn't have it so far...knock on wood!!!


chrissi79 - March 8

My dd has this too...she's b___stfed, but yeah, the white coating is there.


Jennifer28 - March 8

My ped told me the same thing - it was just from the b___st milk. DD has had it since my milk came in - even b4 she was ever fed a bottle. I mention that b/c my mom said only bottle fed babies get Thrush. It has something to do w/ bacteria or something w/ the nipple. It has never seemed to bother her at all but now I'm worried, too!!


Jennifer28 - March 8

Is there a white coating anywhere else in her mouth? Or is it just on her tounge?


Jennifer28 - March 8

Sorry - not her mouth - his mouth. :)


luviduvi - March 8

I don't mean to correct you or your mother Jennifer but Thrush is a yeast infection inside of the mouth. A baby can become infected inutero while the mother has a yeast infection. Therefor, any baby can get it. Ethanmichealsmom, btw, the yeast can travel throughout the genitals so the baby can get a horrible yeast infection "down there." It will look like diaper rash. My ped told my to put Lotrimin on it.


snugglybugglys - March 8

my kids are all formula fed, and they had the white tounge also. everyone told me it was thrush, but it wasn't, and eventually went away. Like when they started baby food.


lin7604 - March 8

my ds had it too but it turned out to be scarlet fever, as i was told in the beginning that it was his soy formula! well it wasn't!


Dionne - March 8

I thought my DD had thrush also, but dr told me to check her tongue before a bottle, and then after a bottle to see if there was much of a difference. I think with thrush it is a very thick white, other wise it could be the milk.


aurorabunny - March 8

If your ped says it's not thrush that I would guess it's probably not. My ds is 8 months old and has always had that, just from his formula, and it doesn't wipe off either. Unless your son seems ill or in pain I wouldn't worry about it.


Dionne - March 8

Also don't wipe it as it will hurt your Son.


soon2bemomof3 - March 8

definatley sounds like thrush. my dd had it when she was an infant. don't know why your dr. would say that.


tryingx3 - March 8

i have noticed my dd having a whilte tongue as well and I believe she is fine...no signs of discomfort, ped checks her mouth each visit...I even asked the first visit to make sure...maybe some babies just do that? mine is bf.


ethanmichaelsmom - March 8

Nope, no white anywhere else and I have wiped it and no sign of pain or irritation on the tongue. It's not white anywhere else and he seems happy 95%...the other five he's hungry! No pain while eating and he's formula fed. I've never had a yeast infection and had him by cesarean if that makes a difference? It used to come off if he drank some water but it's built up a bit now.



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