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aggie03 - March 9

Jk...does anyone have suggestions on diapers that my dd wont blow out poo up her back at night!! Ive been using pampers but she has yet to have poo up her back (and sometimes into her hair) in the morning! Yuck! How can such an explosive thing come out of someone that small?!


mosley12 - March 9

i use pampers..ive been lucky cause my ds has never had the explosive poops *knock on wood!*


luviduvi - March 9

I love Huggies Supreme.....but, I think with any major poop there will be problems


LisaB - March 9

I was a devote fan of Pampers til Target was out of my ds size so I picked up a pack of Target diapers and I LOVE em I have not had a "b__w out" since and they are half the price!!


KLC - March 9

Pampers never worked for us because my son woke up wet every morning. So we use Luvs. Never had a problem yet and that boy can poop!!!


Jennifer28 - March 9

I moved up a (half?) size this week b/c I was having the EXACT same problem. DD was in a size 1 (Huggies). I had a box of 1-2 size diapers (Pampers) from a baby shower and I though I would give them a shot. She hasn't pooped up her back since. It is amazing, though, isn't it? She has had those explosive poops since day 1. But that little bit of room made all the difference.


Lchan - March 9

I use pampers too. My ped said that the back explosion was an indictor that it was time to move up to the next size. I have followed his advice a few times and have been successful every time.


Nita_ - March 9

I use huggies supreme and LOVE them! we've had poop explosions but only when there was tooo much poop involved or she;s sitting in her bouncy etc. Good luck!


Ciarasmom - March 9

I use chlorine free diapers they are called seventh generation and I love them. She has not leaked or had poop leak out since I have been using them. They around the same price as pampers so not expensive and they are good for your lo's bum too.


venus_in_scorpio - March 9

as a rule - pampers for a girl, huggies for a boy. better for the diaper to be too big than too small. my dd has the same problem and shes bottle fed. lol!! good luck


aggie03 - March 9

well, maybe I am sizing wrong....BUT she only weighs 10lbs has skinny legs and she is in the 1-2 pampers (8-14lbs) Should I go up to 2s??!! I already have the velcro on top of each other cause she is so skinny? HELP??!!


Mellissa - March 9

I personally have found that no matter what kind, or size of diaper i use, Diesel still have these b__wouts. Mostly I notice it happens when he's sitting in the walker though. I think it just depends on your baby and the force that this stuff comes out of them. The only thing I can think to do is keep an extra set of clothes with me at all times.. and LOTS of baby wipes. :)


Wellis10 - March 9

I use the size 2 huggies, I hate them. I can't wait until I run out of them. Just about every morning he wakes up soaked. My bf told me to try luvs. I am going to switch....I have heard nothing but great things about them.


Anne - March 9

My dd is 9 mo. old now (sigh...where does the time go). Anyway, I've found that the only time we have these b__wouts is when we need to go up a size. We've had really good luck with plain old Huggies.


snugglybugglys - March 9

I like LUVS. They are the only diaper my kids haven't leaked out of.


julie316 - March 10

I really liked the huggies but LisaB is right,, target brand worked very well for my ds


LollyM - March 10

lol, i've thought the same thing! pampers works for us, but we do have to make sure they are on tight enough! maybe try going up a size. that has helped for us.



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