Who Else Has There L O Sleep In Bed

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keziah - January 3

hey ladies my son is 3 weeks old and i'm just curious if anyone else has there l/o one sleep in bed with them. he has slept in our bed from day 1 just because i knew if he was next to me i could just open my eyes and know he is ok, i don't know ,just putting him in his crib were i can't see him scared me, by the way this is my first.


ginger6363 - January 3

My dd, now 4 months, has slept in our bed since day one. She is a terrible sleeper (had colic and reflux) and co-sleeping is the only way she will sleep (even it is a misley 2-3 hour stretch). We've tried crib training at 3 months and at 4 months---didn't work---she screamed her head off. So we've accepted she'll be in bed with us for a while. :)


Mrs.Ireland - January 3

Ginger- Do you have you dd in between you and your dh? My dd has a cold and is all congested and I feel more comfortable with her in our bed, but I just can't sleep that good. I'm afraid my dh will roll over her. How do you do it?


ginger6363 - January 3

Mrs. Ireland---she does sleep in between dh and I,but we have a kingsize bed, so that helps. we bought a co-sleeper that you put in between you on the bed to protect the baby and we tried that in the beginning, but she never took to sleeping it. I was worried at first, but I am not a heavy sleeper (unless totally exhausted!) and I was confident that I would wake if something was amiss. Also, in the early days, I would sleep her in the crook of my arm with my arm around her (kinda a barrier). Now that she's older, sleeping in-between is not a big deal--it's the fidgeting and moving around that's a big pain....she's a terrible sleeper has been since day one (she only naps 15-25 minutes, 3x a day and sleeps only 2--3 hour stretches at night) but lately her nightantics are driving me bananas--it's like the fidgeting has gotten worse...it's times like this that I wish she would sleep in her crib....but at this point, it's like anything I can do to get her to sleep, even for a couple of hours, I'll do it...even it means sleeping in our bed.


madison - January 3

i had my dd in a ba__sinet next to our bed for her first 6 weeks, then she went to her own crib and own room. we bought a video monitor so i could hear her and see her, and i love it! dh and i would occasionally put her in bed for a nap with us and i would put her in bed with me (in a co-sleeper bed) for her first morning nap until she started crawling around 5-6 months. she's slept with dh and i twice since then when we were at grandma's but that's it. she loves her crib. it was hard moving her in there at 6 weeks old but it was for the best and the video monitor gave me peace of mind! she loves her crib and practically jumps out of my arms to get in there to take her naps. she also has a couple of lovies she sleeps with and that helps, too.


maryg - January 3

My 4 mo old sleeps in the bad. SOMETIMES I can get her to sleep in her cosleeper but I generally find it's more trouble than it's worth. I'm b'fing so it's been best for me to have her in the bed, but now I think she may just be nursing for comfort. She doesn't wake up, but needs feeding every 2 1/2 hours--shouldn't she go for longer stretches by now? Again, she sleeps through the night, but the feeding schedule is keeping ME up. I'm not in favor of 'crying it out' but I'd love suggestions on getting her to eat a bit less at night. I sure would love to sleep for more than 2 hours myself!


Mrs.Ireland - January 3

OMG Ginger, my dd who is 5.5 months fidgets and around 3:30, so bad. It's almost like she has restless legs sydrome :-) It's sooooo annoying, but what can i do :-)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 3

My daughter has been in my bed since day 1 as well...at the hospital I don't think we even put her in the crib thing they have unless I was in the restroom and DH had to go to the house and get something. But I have a queen size bed and DH isn't one who moves alot, and sticks to his side. My daughter don't know to roll back to front yet so she sleeps by me, not close to the edge, if she was to roll she wouldn't fall off. But when she starts rolling she will definately be between me and DH more. For now we are wanting to cuddle with each other. MRS.IRELAND-If it is in fact restless leg syndrome or a cramp, try warming up a towel and wrapping it around her leg, it soothes the legs and typically lasts a while. I wouldn't warm it up for no longer then 20-30 seconds tho. But it worked for my mother when I had it. She said after she did it, she didn't have to worry about me hurting


ginger6363 - January 3

Mrs. Ireland---hahahaha, it's like my dd has restless leg, arm, and body, and head syndrome! She wiggles all over!


mommybabyboy21 - January 3

I had a homebirth at 9:38 pm and my son was place next to me and he has slept with me ever since he is 6 1/2 months old. I don't plan on stop co-sleeping until I stop b___stfeeding. I got way more sleep at the begining because if he woke up I was there he was there just lift shirt and he eats....then he would stir and I would change him and switch sides and I would fall asleep while he was eating the other side. now he sleeps through the night 90 % of the time. from 9 pm to 6 am and then eats at 6 and sleeps all the way until 8 or 9. I love it!!!


tish212 - January 5

alexa starts off in her ba__sinet...but at 2am she gets moved to bed with me. she sleeps with her head propped up on my arm and on her side facing me... its in between me and dh..who sleeps on his side facing the other way. she loves sleeping in bed with me but we don't wanna make it too much of a habit so we plan on soon putting her in her crib for the night (shes 18 days old and b___st fed) I personally don't think there is anything wrong with sleeping with ur baby in bed with u...I think as parents when u have a lo u sleep lighter which makes it safe for ur baby to sleep with u b/c u hear and feel every little movement. enjoy ur babies and those special hours spent cuddling... what baby would love to be cuddled and loved on by their mommy?


tish212 - January 5

that's what baby wouldn't love... sorry


cors1wfe - January 5

While I totally am for co-sleeping be prepared that it is a hard habit to break and can last up to 2 years or longer - so keep that in mind - I loved when my ds slept with us as I was nursing and it was just easier but dude after 2 years it was like ENOUGH already - especially since he was so restless - once he was in his own bed which he pretty much skipped the whole crib thing and went right to a toddler bed it was still tough and he would still come and join us in the middle of the night- I would recommend trying to break the habit before they can walk and come get in bed with you - although many are not a fan of crying it out believe me your baby will NOT be scarred for life or anything and you will be so happy you did and so will your dh who is merely "acting" like he doesn't care that the baby is sleeping with you - I am sure he misses being able to snuggle with you alone without worrying about squishing the baby etc.


emfine99 - January 5

I'm the same as Mrs Ireland... my baby girl has a cold and has for the past week so I've had her in bed with me. It helps to elevate her head up so she doesn't get as much drainage. I have noticed though that it's hard to get her to lay in her crib for longer periods of time because she wants to sleep with me, so I'm trying to break the habbit. It's a hard habbit to break! My dd is 6 weeks old and I'd rather get her sleeping in her crib now because it'll catch up later like others have said!


keziah - January 5

have any of you ladies gotten grief for having your baby in bed, i personaly just feel better having my son next to me and i also bf so it does make it much easier. my mom had ten kids of which all slept in bed with her of course not at the same time lol and my sister had her three kids and all slept with her, so it's like i've grown up with it and that is the thing to do in my family and it's ok, but like the dr keeps telling me to get him out of our bed and in his own.,b ut its not his child it is mine and if i want him in bed then i will.


IrinaZ - January 5

I argue with my DH about having my son (6,5 mo) in bed with us. He sleeps so much better when he is with me and wakes up happy and smiling. Not to mention that I am a lot happier and more rested. It makes nursing so much easier and I do believe that it strengthen the bond between my child and me. He screams every time when he wakes up in his crib. I feel that it perfectly natural for a mother to sleep with her infant, even if in this culture most people believe it's not. But like someone said, keep in mind that what your Dr., in-laws or others say is just an opinion. Trust your own intuition. Too bad that my intuition and my DH's views are on the opposit sides :)


ginger6363 - January 7

here's a very interesting article about co-sleeping: there is no w w w in front and just replace the dot com with an actual dot com. discovermagazine(dot com)/1992/apr/areasonablesleep25



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