Who Has 10 5 To 11 5 Month Olds

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kellens mom - March 14

I keep trying to remember... SSmith for sure. Kellen is 11 months this week.


RJ22 - March 14

My little girl is 10.5 months. She'll be 11 months on April 3.


Emmie - March 14

My son is 10.5 months old. His birthday is April 24. I cant believe they are getting so big.


sophiasmom - March 14

RJ22, my dd is going to be one on April 3rd!..I know times goes by soooo fast...she is already walking!


Lisastar9 - March 14

My last baby is going to be ONE on the 20 does it count.


eliz24 - March 14

My daughter just turned 11 months last weekend.


ssmith - March 14

Yup, Caitlin will be 11 months on the 27th. I was looking at baby pictures the other day, and I started bawling....I couldn't help myself. It seems like forever ago that she was a tiny baby....


BusyBee - March 14

My ds is 11 months. He will be turning 1 in 3 weeks! I have no idea where the last year went!


janelle - March 14

My daughter Caelyn is 11.5 months.She will be 1 on April 2nd.


Lchan - March 14

My son is 11 months. He'll be 1 on April 11.


aprilmum - March 14

My son will be 1 on April 28. I'm sooo sad, yet so excited for the party!!


julie316 - March 15

my son is a bit older but not much.. His bday is March 16... coming right up.. He will be 1.. I cant beleive it..


kellens mom - March 15

I knew there were a lot of us. I just couldn't remember who. We are having such fun times. Dd is starting to take steps with a__sistance. I know many of you have babies tht are walking already, so you can imagine our excitement/fear. Such personality and intelligence from a little person (of course every mom thinks the same thing about their baby!) These are exciting times. I can hardly wait for spring...there is a whole new world that dd has never really seen because she was so small or it was too cold.


Heather F - March 15

my dd will be one March 22, so she is slightly older then the rest but in the same age range!


ry - March 15

Isabella is 11.5 months. She is gonna be one on the 30th. I cannot even believe it :(


ssmith - March 15

I am also looking SO forward to the spring / summer!! Last year she was just too small to really experience the summer fun. I am so excited to take her to the park for picnics, to the splash pad, to the farms to see animals, to the beach, maybe the zoo. I already have a whole list of things that I want to to do with her! So exciting..... She will probably be walking by her birthday, or thereabouts.... a good time to be able to get outside and let her run off some steam LOL


kellens mom - March 15

I took dd to the park the other day for her first ride down the slide and a quick swing in the baby area. She did just fine, but had so much fun just watching everyone. It is going to be so much fun to walk her to the park in the evenings (half a block away). I also can't wait until it is warm enough that I can strip that cute little body down to just her diaper and let her run-around. I love budda bellies, thick chunky baby thighs, and diaper b___ts! Bare little feet are adobable too. I am sure there will be some gra__s eatting too! Life is good isn't it!?!



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