Who S LO Is Messed Up Due To Time Change

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lin7604 - March 12

i thought this wouldn't be a problem for us as he is only 4.5 months but his whole day yesterday was messed up and bedtime was not great either. I put him down at7:40 which is normal but really it was 6:40 right, so he had about 4 wake ups and 30 min after he went to bed he woke to eat as he didn't get his "nighttime" bottle, even though he did it wasn'ta t his normal time. then cause his eating was off asll day and he didn't get his proper oz's in at his times he woke at 12:20pm to eat as well. The only thing was nice was this am he woke at 7 ( really6) and i fed him and kept him up, instead of his normal eat at 6 and go back to sleep for a hour or 2. So all in all he really did only wake once last night ( yah) but now i am worried that when fall comes and he is used to getting up at 7, when we turn the clocks back he will be up at 6! i really don't want to get up at 6, what did any of you do with your lo's about this.


sahmof3 - March 12

Mine got up aboutt he same time as usual on Sunday (but they're older, too, that's probably why... the older two get up with their alarm clocks), but last night they were so exhausted that my youngest fell asleep into his dinner... literally! and my daughter fell asleep on a pile of towels that hadn't been put away yet in a laundry basket in my room... ha! DH took pictures. She was like laying over the basket, but her feet were still on the floor like she was standing. It was hilarious. I think it was a combo of things that made them so tired... the time changing, the fact that we had a HUGE 60th b-day party for my dad and also that it was over 50 degrees here yesterday, so the kids were outside playing for hours for the first time in quite a while ;-)


jb - March 12

My dd was just fine with the change. I am not sure if it was related, but we went to a Pro Basketball game Saturday night. We were in a Luxury Suite so dd could run around get really tired and have a good time. We didn't leave the game until about 10:30pm. She was paste by the time we got to the truck. We put her down right when we got home and she slept like normal. Then Sunday night I put her down at 7pm (of course it felt like 6pm) and she slept until 9am today. Like I said, I don't know if it had anything to do with going to the game or if I was just lucky.


Nita_ - March 12

My dd was fine with the change as well. In fact she slept 1/2 hr early and slept 1/2 hr later! so it worked out great for us, an extra hr of sleep for mommy and daddy! LOL!



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