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bradylove - March 13

I know I've been gone for a little while, but is it me or is there a flood of new people on here suddenly??? It just seems unusual. Not that I mind, because I don't! Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed.


Nerdy Girl - March 13

It's like a bunch of people had babies really recently because all of the questions are about newborns. I say, the more the merrier! :)


ash2 - March 13

I dont know about you , but mommamia sure is a little rude on some of the posts to everyone ....if she is reading this, you really need to chill ...


ash2 - March 13

Hey nerdygirl...there is another chick on teen forum that has the same name as you, but has a line in between her name instead of a space....is that you too?? Just wondering ...


luviduvi - March 13

Hey bradylove, we all missed ya! Good to hear from you.


flower.momma - March 13

Yup, I was just thinking this, and ash2, I kind of second that... keep it mellow folks!


kellens mom - March 13

I have actually been doing work while at work (about time...I know). So needless to say, I have not logged on much in the past 10 days. I totally agree that we have had a major influx of participants. I will say that I have been missing all the "regulars". Those here plus LisaB, Rabbits, Sahmof3. I know that I don't participate regularly, but i do read. I am good enough at creating drama in my own life, so I try not to participate in it while on the net. ( Maybe I should consider less drama in my life and more on the net?)


ash2 - March 14

Hey kellens mom...i do keep in touch with alot of the girls off of the forum through myspace and email...maybe you can ask them for your email and keep in touch with them that way ??


vanja10 - March 14

As a newbie, i love this site! I spent the whole 9 months on a 1st tri board (hanging out with other march babies), but this site is awesome.. I even post a question here before I call my doc.. *lol* I'm a first time mom, so I got lots of questions and I find ladies here are very helpful! :)


LollyM - March 14

I have noticed the new moms too, and I feel glad/sad to be one of the more experienced moms now! I don't have a newborn anymore... *sigh* =) glad you are back


bradylove - March 14

thanks girls! Glad to be back...guess I just needed a little time away. I've really missed all of you!


mandee25 - March 14

Missed ya girl!!


Renea - March 14

Glad to have you back bradylove. Welcome to all the newbies too!


LisaB - March 14

Aw Kellensmom thanx for thinking about me. I am on during the day if the store is slow- so the less you see me the better business is!! I feel bad coming on her my ds is 16 months already.:(


kellens mom - March 14

You know who else I have not seen lately...Von


LisaB - March 14

Vonzo was taking a break from here I believe- if I remember correctly


Smilefull - March 14

Yeah Vonzo took a break to focus on her family. I really miss her on here though.



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