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ash2 - February 27

Okay formula is getting way to darn expensive ! My DS is 9 months, and i was wondering when i could start supplementing whole milk. I know you are suppossed to wait untill a year untill they are officially on milk , but i have heard some moms do it at 10 months. Any thoughts? I dont want to call the doc this late about such a silly question !


Emmie - February 27

Ive started giving my son milk occa__sionaly. He is 10 months old. He is b___stfed and will not drink anything from a bottle and the only thing I can get him to drink from a sippy cup is milk. It is nice to be able to feed him while out besides b___stfeeding. I have not run it past the doctor-I am kind of a free spirit-lol. If your family has milk allergies I would be cautious but if not I dont think it would hurt to start slowly introducing it-maybe a couple ounces a day until you know it wont upset his stomach.


Bonnie - February 27

I was going to do the same thing, but Mason's GI was adament about me waiting. *sigh* I started milk 2 weeks before his birthday.


MJM - February 28

I started about 10 months. If you have a costco membership, buy the costco brand. this is all that I gave my son after the formula companies stopped sending free formula. You get 2 very large cans for 20 bucks. My son was going through 1 can a week, so it was 40 bucks a month. Not too bad. But I did start changing him at 9-10 months. Go ahead and try. You will be able to tell if it does not agree with him.


Emily - February 28

I stared my dd at 11mos. I ws lazy! I was b___stfeeding and pumping at work and didnt' want to pump anymore. I figured a couple of bottle of milk would replace the pumping and I could still nurse her for another month at night and int he morning....ha the little buger got ahold of the milk and she was doen nusing.....she refused. It was easy to waen, but hell on my b___bs to go cold turkey. I sugest that you do it slowly to look for any reactions or trouble with digestion. Also make sure he is getin gplenty of other nutrieants in fruits and veggies either by table food or baby food cause whole milk doesnt' contain some of the things formula does.....


ashtynsmom - February 28

Our ped told us at Ashtyn's 9 mo appt to "introduce" whole milk. Ashtyn had a milk intolerance at birth, so the ped wanted us to slowly introduce the milk to get her used to it, and make sure she would be tolerant of it. She still took formula, but we did supplement with milk at 9 mos. We would alternate between milk and formula. You could try this first, and it would cut some expense, b/c you would only be using 1/2 of what you normally do. Yet, he would still be getting the added nutrients from formula.


Cabbie - February 28

I waited until #1 was 12 months before introducing it. She had stomach probs with it and we had to back off and mix it with formula for a while. I started #2 at 10 months and she never took formula again after that. No probs. I think I will try #3 next month at 10 months to see how he does.


Lchan - February 28

When you feed your babies cow's milk, can you give to them out of the carton or do you have to "procees" it first on the stove. The reason i ask is that my son's babysitter always has a huge pan of milk on her stove every morning for her 13 month old son.


Rabbits07 - February 28

Unless you live on a farm where you have access to fresh milk most milk you buy (in the US anyways) is pasteurized and doesn't needed to be boiled or anything. It is not recommended that infants or children be given juices or dairy products that have not been pasteurized due to the dangers of food borne illnesses. Where are you from Lchan?


Lchan - February 28

Thanks for answering. I'm from the Silicon Valley area in California. I'm 100% positive the milk at Safeway has been paturized. :) I'll have to ask my babysitter why she puts it on the stove every morning. I haven't asked because I thought I'd look stupid not knowing something so obvious.


shelly22 - February 28

Hey Ash! I started Evan on milk at 10 1/2 months, but he was refusing formula. So I called his pediatritian and he gave me the go ahead. So we switched to milk and sippy cups, and got rid of formula and bottles over night!


shelly22 - February 28

I forgot too, after doing some reading I did decide to give him organic whole milk. I've read that milk is the one thing you should give organic if you're going to just do one thing.


Heather F - February 28

Shelly22, I am also going organic with milk.


shelly - February 28

i started first ds at 10 months and will proberly do the same with younger ds. i cant imagine not having to scoop out the formula any more lol



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