Whole Milk Is This Causing The Problems

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jb - March 1

I have been giving my dd some whole milk (about 6oz a day) since she was 11 months old. She turned a year Feb 11th. At her well baby visit, they told me to go ahead and switch over completely to whole milk. Well, the last 2 days I have increased dd's whole milk. She normally got 3 bottles of formula (8oz each) and now I have given her 1 bottle of formula and 2 bottles for whole milk. Normally she s an excellent sleeper (7pm-8am) but the last 2 nights she has woke up screaming and doing a lot of farting. When I hold her she is fine, but to put her back down is a fight. Could this be because of the whole milk? I know it may be teething, but she really shows minimal signs of that. I even gave her motrin last night before bed and she still woke up 4 hours later. I am not sure what to do now. Should I go back to all formula and see what happens? I did call the ped, but I am waiting for a call back.


shelly22 - March 1

No, I wouldn't go back to formula. I would see what the doc says. Did you give her a snack or something before bed, maybe she was hungry?


Emily - March 1

The complete transition could have caused a bit of constipation. You said she is pa__sing a lot of gas? Try giving her some juice or something to help losen stools if you notice she isn't having bm or they are harder than normal. Mary was switched to whole milk from b___st milk at 11 mos (we planned on weaning, milk while I was away and nurse at night and in the mornign but once she got milk, she refused to nurse, so I stoped offering….) She had a couple fo days of harder bm. We pushed some juice and she was fine. I would call your ped and ask.


luviduvi - March 1

Was your baby on Soy formula? My sil lo had to drink soy milk at the age of one b/c she continued to have a milk allergy. My lo was placed on the Next step formula b/c she never liked milk


Erin1979 - March 1

Have you fed her anything different?



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