Why Am I So Appathetic

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Cassie06 - February 20

I just dont care anymore. I am in my next to last semester and I just have no interest in doing anything!! I dont want to work, I have a ton of work due and I just cant work on any of it. I just want to go home, and spend all day with my baby!! I had been so focused but I feel like the more effort I exert the worse I do. I have projects I should be working on, books I need to be reading, papers I need to be writing, and instead I am on the computer. Actually, I am the library right now in between classes and should be doing the paper that is due in my next class, but I am not! haha I have always been so organized and focused and I just dont know where these feelings are coming from. Not to mention I want another baby!! DS is 6 months old and I just can not get the thought of having another baby out of my head. I need to just stop and focus but I cant do it!!! HELP!!


Lisastar9 - February 20

Get doing your job by doing the work for school. You have come a long way to stop now go and finish your work. "YOU CAN DO IT" make everyone proud even yourself.


LollyM - February 20

Aww, sounds like a version of senior-itus! My sister is a senior in highschool and is going through the same thing (well, minus the baby stuff!) Anyway, I was just thinking about another baby a few minutes ago! I agree with lisastar, you have made it this far, it would be a shame to give up now! You can do it! Are you still working at the day-care? maybe you can quit that job to balance things out a little, as long as dh is making enough money, good luck, and go BS that paper!


Ca__sie06 - February 20

I feel like a lot of my problem is that I feel like my spirit has been crushed. Up until this point I have been trying but I havent given my all and have been receiving praise and confirmation and this semester I decided to buckle down and work my hardest and it seems like all I am getting is criticism and negative feedback. I have such a pa__sion for kids and teaching but now all this negative feedback has me questioning if this is really what I should be doing and if I will do good enough at it. I just feel like I dont have the heart to put into my work that I used to. Does that make any sense?


AshleyB - February 20

I have the same problem. I have a 3.9 gpa and am in my second year. I'm only part time so I have a way to go, but I've been doing really well and now I just can't get myself together and get motivated. I have one cla__s on campus, and that one's not bad, but I have an online cla__s too, and that one is killer, because I have to tear myself away from my 11wks old son and it's so hard. I'll have dh take over for a while, but if I hear him laughing I want to be there to see what he's laughing at, and what cute thing ds is doing, and if he cries, I can't concentrate on anything. It's terrible. I have a really small house, too, so there's no quiet away place to go either.


vonzo - February 20

i know what you mean about the wanting another baby thing!! All thats been buzzing around in my head the last few days is that too. I can't seem to shake it, it's either we have another baby or i get a new pet every month :o) To be serious though... could you maybe take a wee break from studies untill your lo is slightly older so you dont feel like youre missing out on so much? Or maybe just try your hardest to think that its only a few cla__ses a week and you have the rest of your life with him? i know its FAR easier said than done, but im afraid thats the extent of my wisdom... i have no fail safe advice for you.


Rabbits07 - February 21

I can't really help you on the wanting another baby thing, but as far as school burnout I can tell you my solution has always been to take a semester off. Some may not agree with that but I've done it 2-3 times when I felt way too overwhelmed with it all (like this semester) and it helped a lot. Sometimes the break over summer (if you don't do summer cla__ses) is enough. I was going straight from fall to spring so I decided to rest this semester. Maybe looking forward to a rest over the summer can give you enough inspiration to give that extra push to get done with this semester. For some people taking a break is not an option as they are afraid they will never go back or they have a certain time frame they HAVE to get done in...don't know if any of that applies to you or not? I have often questioned myself whether I am cut out to teach or if it's still my pa__sion. I am always reaffirmed after a break.



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