Why Can T I Fit Into My Size 0 Pants

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bradylove - March 2

Joking guys!!! I couldn't help it after I saw some of the responses regarding fat pants... All I kept thinking was what size your fat pants were 'cause mine would have been giganto pants!!! LMAO....Actually I wish that would work...lol!! No really , I was feeling really fat today so I shouldn't have read that! I guess I'll go put on my size 11 skinny pants and be happy that I have what I have and suck it up!!!


Lala - March 2

funny! I saw the t_tle and wanted to be mad! what a laugh!


Smilefull - March 2

ah man I was just about to let you have it...yeah we all feel a little more bloated some times than others. Don't worry. The average women is a size 12!!


piratesmermaid - March 2

I also was gonna give you an earful (eyeful?) but you're joking. so its okay. ;) Yeah, I'm a 12 too....


ConnorsMommy - March 2

hahaha!!! when i read the t_tle for this post, i was like "OMG, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!" lol


SonyaM - March 2

Oh, I'm so glad you are kidding. I was really gonna be mad. I am a size 14 usuallly and it sucks. I was wearing an 8 before I had my first son and that was just under 5 years ago. I guess I can't complain, I don't eat right and I rarely exercise. gggggrrrrrr........


aurorabunny - March 2

LOL! I love that we all have the same reaction...I was just opening this to be like "are you freaking KIDDING me?" Haha...thanks ladies, I had a c___ppy night and you made me laugh.


lexa - March 2

LOL! I was peeved when I first read your t_tle too, until clicked on it:-) I've ben feeling fat lately too! UGH! I was a "trim" size 9 before baby...now a size....12, sigh! I can't complain though, I havent done much to get it off. But that is my new goal starting Sunday:-) I'll suck it up for now too, but not for too much longer.


Dawn - March 3

Well I didn't feel p__sed when I read your t_tle I just thought that I wish I was that size. My dd is 7 months old and before I had her I was a size 6 (uk) and now I'm a size 10 (uk), I still need to lose about 8-10lbs but I also think that may hobs have spread a little-does that really happen?


Dawn - March 3

Sorry that should say hips have spread a little. lol


sophandbob - March 3

I wear size zero clothes. its just a pity about that darn number in front of it! LOL


mandee25 - March 3

sophandbob lol me too!!!


Alison - March 3

I looked out of pure curiousity it looked such a funny posting lol! I have been feeling happy today as for the first time since I was 16 weeks pregnant (baby girl is now about to turn 6 months) I managed to get into my non-maternity jeans! Very snug especially around my "deflated balloon" belly but they went on AND I could breathe yay! ;-) However they are now in the wash as I picked up Grace's baby cup and the lid came off - juice EVERYWHERE lol! Had to finish giving her her lunch in just my top and knickers but she didn't seem to mind lol! xxx


luviduvi - March 3

yea, I was getting ready to read you the right act! Let this be noted to anyone out there thinking like this for real


bradylove - March 3

Glad everyone got a kick out of this one! I feel much better today, especially knowing that I'm not the only one who wears a size larger than I could fit on my pinky finger! Pre-first-baby, I was a size 4, but man are those days ever over! Even if I did manage to lose the rest of it, I don't think I could ever squeeze my arse back into that small of a size...lol! Such is life I guess! Then, every once in a while, I think "you know what this is just another badge of honour"...I was lucky enough to be chosen to be their mom and if that means their mom has to have a little extra junk in the trunk then I'll take it! LOL!


shelly - March 3

whats the difference of us sizes and uk sizes.i always used to be a 12 uk size now im a 14,is it 2 sizes difference.


DB - March 3

ok, definitely feel like I'm being mocked. I'm definitely no where near a size 0, nor would I want to be...it's just depressing after you have the baby & you look in the mirror thinking you're small and you can't even get you thigh in your jeans...I would like to fit into size 11 jeans, those are my goal jeans, I bought 13's...I think the term "fat pants" is so obviously different for each person, that no one should a__sume anyone is a size 0!!!!



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