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torbman - March 12

I don't no how my husband does it. When he gets upset or depressed he does not touch food. I am the opposite! I hate that. Then I feel bad for asking if he is hungry. He ends up not eating and I do. How can I fix this. If I get stressed or anything then I go straight for the cupboard. Before I had my gallbladder out I was afraid to eat for fear of the pain, not that I don't have it anymore its like a h e double hockey sticks broke loose. How can I stop? Please?


luviduvi - March 12

Oohh, I am the same way. I am a total comfort eater. Dh never lets me know when he is upset and what not so I have no idea if he does or not. I am not sure how to help with this one. Eeghh


KLC - March 12

Ugh I hear you. I'm the same way, I eat when I'm depressed, even when I am not the least bit hungry. I have actually gained weight since giving birth while most of the ladies on here have lost :( I really need to get a handle on my weight before summer and skimpy clothes sneak up on me!!!


torbman - March 12

I get so down. I lost like 35 pounds after ds was born plus with my gallbladder attacks I was scared to eat. Now I am wishing I hadn't gotten rid of the gallbladder , maybe I would be where I am supposed to in weight. I have been so stressed lately with trying to finish my course before I go back to work plus with everything else. I feel its just one more thing that I am not good at. I have an 11 year old who is getting her period and that doesn't help either. I am wrong in everything!


Ciarasmom - March 12

I heard somewhere that women eat when they are upset and men eat when they are happy. I know that sometimes my dh dosen't feel like eating but when he does eat he eats all night long and dosen't even put on a pound. I'm so jelous


Allie - March 12

I just this morning vowed to stop comfort eating! I so want to be able to wear shorts when we go on vacation next month...I'm using that as my goal!


Emmie - March 12

I have the same problem. I had lost all my pre-pregnancy weight and now I have put 5 lbs back on and I want to be skinny for the summer. I have been trying to get healthier snacks that I dont feel so bad about eating. I have started always having a big bowl of fruit in the refridgerator to snack on and I have rice crisps and fruit snacks. Now 100% good for you but at least not so fattening. Hope this helps a little.



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