Why Does My Dd Wake Up Every Hour Now At Night

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Faiths mommy - March 10

For the past few night my dd has been waking up every hour to hour and a half she is 7 1/2 months old and is br___tfed, she used to olny wake up 2 to 3 times a night. Why the sudden change? Could she be getting more teeth?She has 2 already.Thanks in advance


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 10

possible....or she might need more food before she goes to bed.


Faiths mommy - March 10

She gets 1 jar of baby food before bed or rice cereal


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 10

well sounds like she is teething then. Give her some infant motrin....see if that helps in the night.


C - March 10

Does she have a cold? My son has done this to me and both times he ended up having an ear/sinus infection. I think the pain wakes him up. Once the infection goes away he's back to normal. Teething never really bothered my son at night so I guess I was lucky there.


Shelly - March 10

Maybe she is trying something new out? I know Jesse woke up at night after the first time he rolled over,to "practise".


Faiths mommy - March 11

Our nightly routine goes like this, She gets her ric ecereal or baby food around 5 or 6:00 then a bath at 7:00 and then by that time she is kind of tired so we relax after that. Tonight we tried something different, bath still at 7:00 and then after her bath we came downstairs and she had some mixed cereal and then she had some b___stmilk and wanted to play for a little bit, then at 8:30 she started getting tired so I nursed her and she fell asleep it is now 9:00 and she is in bed. I will let you know tomorrow how it went tonight. Take care good night.


pbj - March 11

Sometimes overtired babies will sleep less. Is it possible she didn't get her normal nap or maybe did you extend her bedtime too long? I have a younger infant, she's been a great night sleeper since she was 8 weeks, but every now and then if I miss one of her naps and allow her to get overtired she wakes up every hour at night. It could also be teeth or her switching her schedule. I would just follow your normal routine today and see what happens. It may have been just a one time thing.


Maggie - March 11

I wouldn't give her solid food so close to bedtime. Think about it this way, if an adult eats than falls right asleep there is a good possibility that they will wake up with indigestion, or to go to the bathroom. She may just need some time to digest before laying down for the night.


Kerry - March 11

I went through this at that age too it will get better theres lots of reasons teeth, learned a new skill and wants to practice, just stick with your normal routine it will work it's self out and if you think it is teething try some Tempra before bed to ease the pain,I was crazy when my girl did this she was sleeping 8-8 in the morning then it was like someone flicked a switch I was upset but it all went back to normal just keep up your routine your doing everything fine, Hang in there.


Ca__sieSong - March 11

How soon did it go back to normal? One week.. two?



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