Why Does She Do This

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lindsay - August 23

for the past several days, whenever lexi eats (br___tfeeds) she will latch on , take a couple sucks, pull on my nipple, like she is pulling away, but w/ me still in her mouth, and then come off of it, only to immediately begin searching for it again. i 'm not sure why she has started this, but it seems to me only during her day/evening feedings. her early morning feeding she is in the side-lying position in bed w/ me.(she doesn't do it while in this position) could it be that that has become her most favorable position and she is not comfortable otherwise? (although, she does take a bottle fairly easily w/out all the drama.) or is it most likely something to do w/my milk? it seems like she is hardly eating when doing this... i'll go about the length of time it takes her to nurse, and then offer her her pacifier, because it seems like she just wants to suck, and is p___sed that milk is coming out. oh, also, my letdown hasn't felt as forcful (to me) lately, maybe she's not getting the amount of milk she used to as fast as she used to? what would cause this? (she's 2 months, 10 days, btw.) --also posted in BF


lindsay - August 23

ok, so it's not in BF... evertytime i copy and paste and submit, it tells me it is a duplicate message... never had a problem doing this before... anyone know why? oh, well, would rather just have input on my post!


bbelmore - August 23

hehehe, my son started doing this awhile back as well. I call it " everything is more interesting than feeding" I was worried at first too but i chalk it up to him just being so anxious about all the things he wants to see and touch and do that he is mentally overstimulated and just can't focus. My sons new thing is doing situps while nursing, constantly, ( he's 4.5 months by the way) and hell it's ten times worse. Good luck!


sashasmama - August 23

This won't last long, it's a phase babies go through, especially your baby being only 2 months old. My baby did the same thing also - because the milk was letting down and she just wanted to pacify herself like you said. Also this happens because your milk is letting down too fast, and her pulling off like that is a way to let your body know that the let down is too fast. After a few weeks go by this problem will resolve itself, your b___sts start doing exactly what your baby wants them to do - they let down at the speed she wants, and the amount of milk they produce will be the exact amount she needs. These problems usually happen before the baby turns 3 months old, because your b___sts still haven't gotten a chance to adjust to baby's needs. Oh yeah, and the let down feeling will ease up as your baby gets older, sometimes you won't even feel it.


bbelmore - August 23

By the way, I also have an overactive let down, and in my case, he has no problem with it, it has been that way since birth and he has always coped with the flow, gulping it down and giving himself hiccups. I really hate the situps though. : )


meme - August 23

My son does this. He's a few days from four months old. It seems like playing to me. Or curiosity if everything is still where it was the last time he looked at it.


flower.momma - August 24

My dd did that too. It is just her was of entertaining herself! Hehe. Also, the letdown becomes less forceful feeling as you nurse longer and longer. I remember feeling like I had no milk in my b___sts, then my dd popping off and I would squirt across the room!


angelbebe - August 24

Hi Lindsay! Paia does this too. Usually it is accompanied by squirming though which she just does whether she is trying to push one out or not. It hurts sometimes! But, I find it funny too. Her new thing now is she swings her arm around and like punches my chin as she does it. I mentioned this on our thread, but my supply has been lower so it's nice to read some of the responses you have received in terms of it being a normal thing that your body adjusts to what you need. It freaked me out! Thought I was drying up!


Rabbits07 - August 24

My ds used to do that also and I learned that if his head was not in the bend of my arm "just right" apparently he was not comfortable and would continually pull off. He also did it at letdown reflex in the earlier days because of all the milk.


lindsay - August 24

i'm glad to know it's normal... thanks everyone! the only thing is she does it more while she's waithing for my giant letdown(which she has learned to handle very well) and then again after, when my milk isn't rushing out. so it makes me wonder if she actually really likes that fast flow and gets frustrated if she has to work a little harder. angelbebe... lexi does that crazy repet_tive stuff too... like "punching" or shaking her head... it cracks me up! rabbits--yeah, i wonder if i am just not holding her "just right" because in the side lying position, she is completely level, and she seems to like that, and i just can't accomodate her growing body that way while holding her!


flower.momma - August 24

Has anyone's baby gone through the kneading phase? My dd used to grab my b___b with both her hands and squeeze rythmically. It remined me of a kitty cat! I had to keep her nails super short though, or it hurt. She also did the exact same thing as angelbebe's, and went through a phase of playing with my nose. Oh man, all this talk about nursing. I can't wait until this new baby is born!



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