Why Guys Have It Easy A Period Story Little TMI

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ash2 - March 6

The period....it comes once a month.....day 1, your fat, ( bloated is an easy term used by docs .....that are men ) ...you are cramping from head to toe and cant move. Your moody as He** and no-one wants to be around you, not even the dog....Day 2 ...speaking of the dog...you cant get near him because he could do the infamous nose dive right into the crotch ! You know the " i smell something and im going to find it "...and will do it in front of your guest and doesnt care....which makes it worse because you get invited over for dinner while you are pms'ing and you have to ask " well do you have a dog and is it an outside dog ?" , lol Day 3.......your flow has slowed down incredibly and you might even feel like going for a walk outside...WAIT ! You are out of panty liners and now you have to wear a "super absorbancy " on your light day !!!...ahhh well, i guess i will stay inside for the day..Day 4.....yup ready for this one ?? You have finally almost stopped but are still spotting. You still havent gone out to get those darn anty liners so ...yes....another super absorbancy....now you have to go to the bathroom....yup you got it...a number 2 ! That new tampon you just put in now has to come out because lets face it , it will come out during the push ! Not to mention, since you arent " flowing " anymore, you are pretty dry and it feels like your whole entire va___al wall is coming out..........!!!!! yeah........men just do not know how good they have it !! LOL....this is mainly for womens eyes only because men just really dont know how good they have it ! Women can appreciate this story...ecspecially if you wear tampons !! lol ( This email got sent to me and i thought you guys might enjoy it )


piratesmermaid - March 6

Hahaha, except I wish mine only lasted 5days.


kristie h - March 6

LOL ash 2, i never thought of it in that detail lol. When you think about men do suffer, their mrs is out of sevice for the week unless they want spagetti bbolanaise for the rest of the week, this may sound sick but DH has referd that to the dolmoi grin.


ash2 - March 6

EWW.....that was funny though, lol.....i never thought of it in this much detail either, but its so true !!



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