Why I Feel Old

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Narcissus - December 16

B/C I refer to my dh's parents as "folks" and when I scold my son, I say "young man". LMAO!! Why do you feel old?


monica - December 16

because when I roll out of bed or couch my body aches....because music and the tv seems to loud to me.....because I am not interested in s_x right now. because the kids I use to babysit are now married....oh my I can go on and on.


Narcissus - December 16

The kids you used to sit are now married? That's bad... I wonder if thats the same in my case? I never thought about that.


FF - December 16

Because Brad Pitt is old. Have you seen him? Hot, but aging... I remember when I first saw him in Interview With The Vampire... If the beautiful people get old, then it will someday happen to me! ha ha ha!


Narcissus - December 16

Yeah, I commented yesterday about how old Ferris Bueller looks. Damn it if it does not feel like yesterday that I was watching him in that movie!!


Christy - December 16

The kids I babysat are graduating college. I feel old because I hate going out to loud, smokey bars . . . I'd rather stay in than go out, or hang out with friends somewhere quiet. . . My back and shoulders seem to always be sore and I cannot touch my toes (I'll get that back eventually!). . .I am carrying 20 extra pounds and can't wear my cute pre-preggo garb. . . I am someone's mother now!


FF - December 16

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?... Sorry, had to get that out of my system ;) LOL!


Chelsey - December 16

I'm not old... but I FEEL old b/c I have 2 kids, been married for 8 years, say stuff that Mom used to say, "Dont cross your eyes, or they'll stay that way!" I drive the speed limit, and I feel ready for bed at 9:00 at night!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 16

Every muscle in my body aches because my son weighs 17 lbs and needs to be held constantly. The kids I used to sit for are graduating high school, and my 15 yr old cousin told me I was middle aged from her point of view! I'm 28, dammit!


Christy - December 16

Matt Broderick is not quite as good-looking or aging as well as his wife, SJP. Can I just say I am a HUGE S_x and the City fan? TBS is now on season 3 (I think) and it is when Miranda is pregnant- too funny now that I have been through it!


monica - December 16

christy Iam with you...I have 20 lbs...on me that need to dissapear...I had to buy new clothes to come to work.


Jbear - December 16

The kids I used to babysit are old enough to buy liquor now...that made me feel old. Also, I lost 3 grandparents in the last 3 years...that has made me feel the oldest.


Mommy - December 16

I FEEL old all the time, because when I bend down it hurts my knees and back to get back up, I would rather watch a movie at home than go out, I don't think it's gay to wear your pants over your belly b___ton anymore (shirt NOT tucked in), I own 1 pair of jeans, the rest are sweats, and I haven't worn makeup in about a year and a half. All this and I'm not even 18!!!! P.S, when our neighbors play loud music I feel like going and yelling at them instead of joiing the party. I hate to think how I'm going to be at 30 at this rate!


Kristina - December 16

eek..I don't feel old yet thankfully...still 19! And I still have 2 great grandmas...so Tasia has 2 great great grandmas! =O That doesn't happen very often!


C - December 16

Why did the 4 years I was in high school feel like 100 years. 4 years of college about 50 years and now it seems like everytime I turn around it's time to celebrate x mas again? I'm only 32 but if time keeps going this fast my little boy is going to be driving before I know it!


ally - December 17

Because half the time i go to bed ten mins after my 6 mth old, If i am doing well at best it will be an hr later...........


Christy - December 17

. . .because we are invited to a holiday party where we can bring Ben and I don't want to go. Would it be bad if I called my friend and told her we won'tbe ale to make it? Between you guys and me, I just don't feel like going. I'd rather stay at home, maybe out up yhe Christmas tree. Am I being a fuddy duddy? Should we go tonight? God, I have like nothing to wear either- eek!



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