Why Is My Baby Crying Help

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Shannon - November 5

i am starting to get frustrated. i have no idea why my baby is crying. she's 10 days old and the last few days in the evening she starts to get really fussy. i make sure she has a clean diaper. i attempt to feed her. i br___tfeed exclusively and have had no problems at all with milk production or latching or anything, but she sucks for only a minute or two and then starts crying. then i try to burp her, sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't, either way she cries anyway. then i look at her a talk to her, sing to her, be a little playful. she quiets down and looks at me for a little bit but then she starts crying again. what the heck is wrong?? this will go on for hours sometimes. is it just tiredness?? is she colicky?? what do i do? any suggestions?


Lee - November 5

How are you holding her while you b___stfeed?


chelsey - November 5

Try some gripe water, she might have a tummy ache.... or Oval works too. I gave my little guy some of that, before I fed him, and he would be okay. It could be colicky, I'm not too familiar with signs of that though.... warm bath might help also!


Shannon - November 5

i'm just holding her the same way i always have, cradle hold, i suppose it's called. i like using my boppy, that way my arm won't feel like it's going to fall off. in the morning/ early afternoon i usually don't have any problems. she nurses and falls asleep on the b___st.


C - November 5

It sounds like colic to me. Does she seem really ga__sy. I remember my sons belly was really ga__sy. It doesn't always last that long. Take turns walking around with her and singing. That helped my son. I think it took his mind off of it. Also, those gas drops helped a little. I used to let him sleep on my chest too because the pressure helped. I think by 6 weeks my son was over it. I know it seems like awhile but it goes really fast.


Lissi - November 5

If she's pulling her legs up to her chest when she dries, it's probably colic. If not, she's probably just over-tired. Have you tried swaddling her? I find that this is usually the only thing that will settle my daughter, once she gets so tired that she can't even work out what she wants herself. Good luck!


Buy Earplugs(joking) - November 5

probably colicky or ga__sy ... welcome to being a new mom . Here is a new mom anti stress tip .>>>> take a deep breath and refocus on this basic idea... as far as you should know babies have only three indentifyable cries 1. Hungry 2. In Pain 3. P__sed Off . Most moms can identify these with ease . As time goes by you will learn more about the cries until they become more and more like a language meaning many different things and you will be able to come here and tell other new moms the same thing . Two simple things which work for collick are 1. A little stroll out into the backyard where the air is nice and cool and the little one cradled over your shoulder on top of a recieving blanket so she/he can puke down your back lol and secondly a gentle almost tickling tummy rub and or back rub can make a differnce too . Don't worry about getting puked on because we all have been puked on , peed on and even pooped on . You'll eventually laugh about it like we all have because when that little wiggler throws on a smiling giggle you know why you had her. TMI?


Jamie - November 6

If it's gas, pressure on her tummy will help it; try laying her on her tummy on your lap. (Be prepared, though, she might puke) When I thought Serenity had gas, I would sit down, knees and ankles together, and lay her on my thighs, then I'd jiggle my legs to bounce her just a *little* bit - she'd either fall asleep, or spit up all over the place. Either way, she stopped crying.


.... - November 6

Babies usually have a cranky time of day and it is usually in the evenings. my son was doin that for about 4 hours an evening and he is now 8 weeks old and still does it but only for about a half hour every night.


Heidi - November 6

My 4 wk old does the same thing. It's probably gas. If I can get a good burp or barf out of her she'll stop crying instantly and go to bed finally. The tummy thing seems to break the gas loose I've noticed or laying her on you chest and sitting in a recliner while patting her back. Sometimes I lift her legs like I'm changing her and that'll bring on the gas! Oh I've already been pooped on by explosive pooh, and peed on by a GIRL! It can happen! Baby spitup is my new perfume too. But the good news is it wipes right off without staining. I b___stfeed too and today I got warm spitup down my side and into my jeans!


Kristin - November 9

Sounds like colic to me. My daughter was the same way and we started giving her Babys Bliss gripe water. Let me tell you this stuff works great and she dosen't cry as much anymore. My daughter is now 2 months old and pretty much over the colic thing now but we still give her the gripe water in the evening. Good luck, and remember it will only get better



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