Why Is My Newborn Peeing Through His Diper

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Jen - August 2

Hi, I have a 12 day old and he goes through a thousand outfits a day because he pees and it somehow gets the whole back side or sometimes front side of him wet! Even after I just changed him! What am I doing wrong? I put the diper on really tight but that doesnt seem to help! Its embarassing because the other day people from work were holding him and he peed all over her and was dripping on the ground! Help!


KEEKEE - August 2

Have you tried rubber pants? Also, you may want to try changing after each feeding and in between. I always use Pamper brand diapers. I have been using diapers for years. So far Pamper seem to have lees leaking problems. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!!


P - August 2

Are you making sure his p___s (I wanted to say "lil winkie" but I'm ever so mature) is pointing down when you change his diaper? My sister says if you don't do this you get leaks.


Jadyns Mommy - August 2

One thing I have noticed is after I put a diaper on my daughter, the elastic around the legs is actually still tucked inwards so I always run my finger around each of her legs to make sure the fringe of the diaper is not still tucked under her legs. This stopped alot of leaks for me.


Soleil - August 2

Maybe its the brand or something? Have you tried other brands? My daughter did the same with huggies and I switched to Pampers but then again I also up'ed the size.


Soleil - August 2

o yea how much does ur baby weigh now? Some babies outgrow newborn diapers after about 2 weeks.


E - August 2

P is correct. We were not putting Aja's p___s down when we changed him. He always peed up and out of the diaper, or through the side.


Jen - August 2

He is 8 pounds and I use pampers. I havent been putting his wee wee down so I will try that. (im new at this!) I guess that makes sense! Why didnt I think of that? You think he is ready for size 1 dipers??


E - August 2

Jen, I would try size 1 and use the Pampers Swaddlers, they are nice a form fitting. Let me know if putting his "weewee" down does the trick.


KEEKEE - August 2

I forgot about that one. Yeah, the ladies could be right. Put his p___s down. You will get the hang of it. Soon you be a pro. Enjoy your little guy!!!!


Jbear - August 3

I've never had to change baby boy diapers, but with a little girl at least, if you have a brand of diaper that doesn't usually leak, and the baby suddenly starts peeing through it, it's a sign that you need to go up a size, even if it still fits well around the waist. Another thing to look for is that the diaper is long enough to cover the baby's b___t crack. If any b___t crack is hanging out, it acts like a little funnel to pour pee out the back of the diaper.


monica - August 3

this was happening to me too. But I was putting the diaper on too lose. Now that I put it on a little tigher I no longer have this problem.


Jen - August 3

Yup! That worked! I did not have to change his clothes once! Thank you ladies for the advice. =o) I also have another question: I read that infants like to look at faces and should follow eyes with you but he doesnt seem to want to look at me. I will make funny faces at him and he will look away or not even look at me at all. What is all this about?


P - August 3

Good to hear that helped. As for your little guy not following you with his eyes, try not to read too much into it. All babies are different and develop different skills at different rates. If your doctor isn't concerned and you don't have any other concerns other than what you read, your baby probably just fine. What you read are guidelines anyway, not hard and fast rules and it's not a reflection of how intelligent he will be either. My mother was reading at age three and a half and though she's very intelligent, she no Rhodes' Scholar you know what I mean? Keep playing with him and talking to him and you'll see a difference before long. Don't worry when you hear the "my baby was walking, talking and barbequeing by the age of 8 months..." it's mostly people trying to create a compet_tion where there is none. Good luck and have fun with your little man.


E - August 4

HAHAHAHA!! BBQing at 8 months... Too funny. P - you have an awesome sense of humor:)


Jen - August 4

thanks again! I am such a worry wart! I am afraid there is something wrong with him all the time. Barbarquing at 8 months!! Thats too cute! lol


P - August 4

Can you see the tiny "Kiss the Cook" apron?



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