Why Is She Doing This

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yogi - October 9

my dd is 4 month old and since she was 8 weeks she would go to bed at 7 and she would be sleep by 7:30 or 8 and she would stay sleep untill 3 or 4 but it has been like 4 nights that when i put her in bed she will go to slep but she will wakeup after 45 min crying and it takes any where from 15 to 30 min to get her backto sleep. my question is that why is she crying ?is something wrong or this is a phase?thanke you in advance for your help.


squished - October 9

Our ds is just shy of 4 months and is going through the same thing. He was just getting to the point of sleeping really well and then bam...one night he was up a lot and has been every night since then. A lot of people are talking about the same thing....I think it's pretty common. Good luck!


yogi - October 9

i am sorry you r going through this .what wories me is that she is not eating enough eather.she has never been a big eater but now she is just deinking less than 18 oz a day .for example she just drank 12ozs since 7 am this morning.i really dont know what to do it just worries me.


yogi - October 9



Val - October 9

Our pediatrician said that it's common for babies to do this around 4-5 months, but she didn't say why. Our ds was up twice last night... dh thought it might have been gas/stomach related, but we're really not sure, and I'm hoping it's not going to be a habit! The ped. did say to try not to feed him when he wakes, although I'm not sure how easy that will be to follow! Yogi, how much does your ds weigh? 18 oz of feeding for a whole day doesn't sound like very much. Our ds is 4.5 months, weighs about 17 lbs, and eats about 35 oz a day. (b___stmilk)


CWeber - October 10

Could be teething, my lo had 2 bottom teeth by 4 months of age.


kimberly - October 10

Yeah, it could be her teeth. My ds also got 2 teeth at 4 months. They will eat less sometimes too when they are teething because the sucking will make thier gums hurt worse.


wailing - October 12

YOGI--My ds just went thru this same thing at 15 wks and I was going nuts. First I thought it was a cold, teething, etc. Turns out it really is just a phase:-( I read alot online and they all say that if ur ds is starting to wake up at nite after sleeping fine for a while then it's a develpmental spurt. If u've ruled out pain and everything else that's most likely what's happening. My ds got over it in about 2 wks and is now back to a semi-normal schedule. They say it's b/c their brains get so wired from development that it's hard for them to stay asleep. They basically want to keep exploring the world. Mine happened to coincide w/ ds figuring out how to turn over and finding his legs and feet:-)



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