Why Wont She Talk

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hello - March 5

I posted something similar at 15 or 18 mths.... My daughter says very few words at 21 months. Mum, ta, as in thank you.. me, go, bubba, baby, nana as in banana and i think that may be it... They arent even full on words really...... she sometimes sounds like she is trying to copy what u say...... I do not shut up nowadays, speaking constantly to her..... I have read and met ladies whose kids didn't take off till 2 or 2 and a half but when we go back to the health nurse for her 2 yr check up all i am gonna get is speech therapy talks etc.......i am not really in panic mode yet, we read, i try everything.........anyone else have a slow talker......


iemc19 - March 5

I wouldn't worry about it at all - my dd was much the same - she was over 2 before she really got a decent vocabulary going and started talking so that others had even a clue as to what she had to say...It seemed so much worse to us because she had a cousin born a month after her who spoke like a little grwon-up at 18 months!!! Now it has to be said - I long for those days...she wakes up in the morning and her mouth starts flapping and it literally doesn't stop til her eyes are closed and she is fast asleep....Constant!!!! LOL!


BaileysMummy - March 5

A good friend of mine's son did not start talking until he was around 2 1/2. Now that he is talking, he comes out with sentences. I would not worry, I'm sure she will start talking when she is ready.


Heather F - March 5

There is a wide range of "normal" with speech patterns - I taught preschool for years and we always had 2 or 3 out of 13 per new two year old cla__s that weren't speaking yet. Then one day they would just flourish - be patient with your daughter, I think you time before you have to worry.


Rabbits07 - March 5

I had two slow talkers. Actually, with my oldest son it wasn't that he wasn't saying alot of words it was just that you could hardly understand him. He left the endings off of his words, so that coupled with the fact that toddlers have trouble with certain letter sounds anyways, he could be saying "ba" and you would have to play 20 questions to figure out what it was that he wanted. He would get very frustrated at not being understood...this was around age 2 1/2....so we started speech therapy. Then my now 4 years old simply had delayed speech patterns. He only had around 3 words at 18 months so he started speech therapy as well. Both of them were only in therapy for about 6 months. Sometimes some kids just need a little help. At 21 months the average speech pattern variation would be around 20 words (non-echolealic...that's voluntary speech that is not imitating you) of which 50% is intelligible by strangers so your daughter is quite a bit below that with 7 (?...that's what I counted in your post) words. I do remember you posting at 15 months and if I remember correctly your daughter's patterns at that time were on target at around 5 words, so her vocabulary hasn't really increased much in 6 months. If she is on target developmentally in other areas I certainly wouldn't be worried at this point. As far as to whether to start therapy or not that will be a decision you and your hcp make together for the benefit of your daughter. If your daughter seems frustrated at not being understood then it may be in her best interest to go ahead and start therapy. My sons' therapists did tell me that the earlier therapy is started the less time it seems to take for them to catch up and that once they catch up they rarely ever fall behind again (unless there is some other problem such as hearing loss, etc., but for most children this is not the case, it's just that they need a little help.) I know you are not in the US, but here therapy is like play. My boys loved their therapy time. They got a whole hour of playing with all kinds of new toys and I was able to watch through a double mirror. The interaction was very good for them and I was encouraged to watch and use the techniques that the therapist used at home to help them as well. Our therapy experience was a good one. I'm sure your daughter will take off in no time, but just keep in mind that speech therapy can help them catch up and doesn't really mean that anything is wrong with your child.


amber508 - March 5

My two year old isnt really taking off in talking either... I have been told we'll give her 4 months but then its speech therapy for her. She says "momma, dadda, me (as in more), wa (as in water), ba (as in bath)" and thats about all. I'm a little worried too, hoping she'll take off with it soon. Good luck, I guess they will just start talking when they are good and ready!


hello - March 6

Thank u so much to everyone who replied, rabbits.... thank you as well for taking the time to reply as u have done.... I will look into speech therapy i think but i will wait till she is 2 as it is to help her... Partly i think she is lazy, who knows....iemc i have been told this also, enjoy the silence ........thanks once again to everyone and it is a comfort to know she isnt the only one.......


LollyM - March 6

my sister was a slow talker. She didn't say much until she was 2. She was (and still is) a very observant person and our mom thinks she was to busy observing to talk. One day, however, she just started blabbing away! she knew allot of words before she said them.


venus_in_scorpio - March 6

could baby be tongue tied? my friend has to have her 25 m/o 's tongue clipped because his speech delay is due to being tongue tied.



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