Why Would I Want To Give My Lo Water

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meg - January 16

My ds just turned 4 months old, & at his dr. appt. they said that it was ok to start giving him water? I don't plan on starting him on solids until he is 6 months (they know that), so why would I want to give him water? Just curious. Thanks.


Kara H. - January 16

I don't do it very often, but if Lo seriously spits up I will give him a small drink of water to cleanse his mouth or if he is really stuffy with lots of mucus (which milk will just make worse) I will give him a drink of water then too. Also if you are in a warm climate and your baby is really sweaty and not hungry at all, a drink of water would be appropriate. But I usually only have a situation that warrants water maybe once or twice a month.


ash2 - January 16

After DS eats some food or cereal, then i give him about 2 tbs of water to wash it down.


Erynn21 - January 17

My dd is 4 months and wants water, she is always reaching for my gla__s, so I give it to her. She also is eating solids, which I also wanted to wait for, but she tried to rip my sandwich out of my hand, then my spoon, so I gave her cereal, I really think it depends on the kid, my dd just wants to do grown up stuff like eating, drinking water, my doctor saw her for her check up and said that was all fine. She believes if a child demonstrates the skills necessary for eating and drinking they are probably ready, oh yeah and my dd is still b___stfed on demand, so she does get fluids that way to.


Hana - January 17

Babies can get very thirsty when they're on forumla or/and solids. I always gave my ds water, even from week 1. Imagine going for so long without water.


ashtynsmom - January 17

They are probably just letting you know it is safe to now- not that you necessarily need to. Also, sometimes water can be effective if your baby is constipated. It is a sugar free option before you attempt juice.


tallgirl - January 17

If your ds is bottle feed, formula actully doesn't contain enough water in it and your ds will become dehydrated. For every 8 oz of formula your ds needs 4 oz of pure water. If she is bf and YOU do not drink enough water, your baby can become dehydrated. Most dr. a__sume that if you are bf you aren't drinking enough fluids to keep your baby hydrated so they recomend introducing water to baby's that are just on b___st milk. But if you don't want to give your baby water make sure You are having at least 8 gla__s of water a day.


flower.momma - January 17

Tallgirl, where did you hear that? It goes against everything I've ever heard. 4 oz of water for 8 oz of formula is WAAAAAY too much, that baby will become malnourished. I can undertsnad maybe 4 oz a day. Maybe. But all that will do more harm than good.


tallgirl - January 17

sorry I ment 4 oz of water at least a day...not oz for oz....I was tired...I didn't sleep well last night


Lchan - January 17

tallgirl, Are you sure about that? :) Would you mind sharing where you heard this because I've never heard this. I've always heard quite differently. If you child is drinking 8 oz of forumula, then s/he is getting 8 oz of water. Feeding too much water to a baby is a bad thing. Most peds recommend against feeding extra water because it messes up the young ones electrolyte and nutrient balance, plus it fills their belly with emptiness. If a child is on an all forumula/b___st milk diet, they should be getting enough fluids and won't require additional water UNLESS they are becoming dehydrated due to vomitting or weather. Feeding too much water can be a dangerous thing. A 28-yr old mother of 3 died this weekend in a radio station stunt that required her to drink too much water.


flower.momma - January 17

Okay, makes sense now.. hehe, don't worry. The other day I wrote 2003 on a check, now THAT's mommy brain!



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