Whynotme Can Anyone Help Me Find Her

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montie75 - September 20

Hello ladies!! Does any of you know how I can reach Whynotme?? I lost contact with her when she first became pregnant in Sept. 2006 and haven't been able to find her. I would love any information you can give!!! I have some wonderful news I would like to share with her and also would love to hear about how her wonderful new baby is doing!! Thank you all, so very much!!!


DDT - September 20

Sorry, I've been on the Infant Forum since Feb '07 and I don't recognize that username. A lot of the ladies that were on here from '06 have moved on to a different forum. They may know where she is. The other forum is: cafemom.com/group/8274. GL!


DDT - September 20

Oh sorry, she concieved in Sep '06...I thought it was that she had her baby in Sep '06. Still maybe those other ladies will have an idea. It's worth a try.


montie75 - September 21

Thank you DDT!! I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me. Have a wonderful Friday!!!


whynotme - October 5

For some strange reason I was curious to see if any of my girls were still posting on here and it was a surprise to see someone was looking for me. Well Montie here I am so what is the wonderful new you have?? I hope it's that you are pregnant so tell me....:)


K - October 8

Hi Monte75 and Whynotme- remember me? We posted together a long time ago. Funny, I never look at this infant board anymore, and for some reason I just clicked on it today and saw this post. I want to hear your news too! I too hope you are pregnant!! How are both of you doing? I'm debating whether to get on the roller coaster again to try for No.2, but I don't know if I'm ready to go through all that again. I just remember the constant stress, doctor visits, and disappointments. Since I'm older, I don't have that much time to make up my mind. I'm worried when I'm ready it may be too late, but right now I really just want to focus on dd. It was definitely worth it, but I'm so happy with the dd I finally have! How are things with both of you?


whynotme - October 13

montie - where are you?? i am dieing to know what your good news is??


whynotme - October 17



JerseyGirl - October 17

I have no idea who MONTIE is but I wanna know the news too!!



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