Wild Child

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monica - November 18

Anyone's baby wild....when I put my baby on his bouncer he tries to roll off of it...when I put him on the floor he just keeps on rolling...its so hard to change his diaper because all he wants to do is roll. Does anyone else have a wild child?


soleil - November 18

hey my daughter is pretty wild. She rarely takes a nap, she is up all day, getting into everything. Can't put her in a walker anymore because she climbs out, and she tries to climb out of her high chair but thank G-d it has straps. She wont let me change her diaper, my bf holds her down while I change her, she climbs everything, and if you tell her no, she wants to do it even more!! But I get a good excersize running after her day and night :)


Jbear - November 18

When they start walking, you can get the diapers they step into...pull the diaper off, get behind the baby and hold the diaper so they step into it...only works to change a wet diaper, not a messy one. My first baby was so wild it seemed like I was chasing her all over the place.


BBK ® © - November 18

We've noticed this behavior in the past week or so. She tries to get up from her bouncer, swing and stroller. We also had to start changing her on the bed because of the rolling. I even held her standing up and she tried to take a step. On her tummy she tries to crawl. Needless to say the bumbo seat is useless because she manages to free her legs from it, even pull herself up by arching her back. Maybe it's now they're anxious to become mobile.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

Lucas is trying desperately to roll, he kicks and is crazy too. He tries using his legs to throw himself out of the bouncer. I had two ultrasound techs tell me my kid was wild when I was pregnant, so I knew he was in trouble He NEVER stopped moving in utero. He only wants to be pulled into the standing position while laying down and is now grabbing at everything! He will be rolling in a matter of weeks. I fear the day he crawls and walks, I will never sit down again, not like I ever do now, though!


monica - November 19

Rachael funny you should mention that. Caleb was wild in utero too. I am telling you he gave men gray hair from the beginning of my pregnancy. Plus when I asked everyone here on this forum about the name Caleb they told me most of the calebs they knew were wild.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

That is so funny monica. When I was pegnant I could tell he was going to give me a rough way to go. But the reality of it has definitely given me a few grey hairs, LOL!! I hope Lucas isn't a wild name too. I figure he was going to be difficult just like his mom. Everyone says they are not surprised he is a nut, because he is my kid. Wonder what they mean by that!LOL!!


monica - November 19

do you have a website for lucas, I am not sure if I have seen it or not.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

monica, I do not. I only have internet access from work, we turned ours off at home because we do not use it enough to justify paying for it. But I see all the cute babies here and wish I had a site to show off my little cutie. I was thinking about looking into getting internet service again. I have seen caleb, what a cutie pie! Our little guys have a lot in common, I would love to show him off here.


monica - November 19

I understand about internet costing so much. our cable bill and internet is combined and its over $100 a month. But I told my husband while I am maternity leave I need internet access, especially before Caleb was born... I would have gone nuts Just waiting for him to be born. I am going back to work in a couple of weeks :( But i do have internet access at work too. So I will still be able to keep in touch. I am sure Lucas is such a cutie pie....All the babies are so cute.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

Lucas does not give me a spare moment at home, I'm lucky to eat an occasional dinner and get a shower! I wish I were home with him, but sometimes I am glad to go to work for the break!


monica - November 19

thats what I keep telling myself that some adult time will be nice. Ya forget about nice dinners they never happen for me....


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 21

LOL, my dinners consist of inhaling about half of a tv dinner these days before Lucas starts fussing because he is not being held. And now that he is into grabbing at everything in sight, eating with him on my lap is an adventure too. My mom took him last night overnight. I was able to get a shower and watch desperate housewives in peace for the first time all season! I was walking in circles because I did not know what to do with myself without the baby there!


monica - November 21

hi rachael I have never had a day off since Caleb was born. I went to go get my hair done a couple of times I guess that is considered time off......When is Lucas birthday?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

Hi monica! Lucas was born Aug. 17th. He was 6 days late, my little trouble maker. I am lucky, my family watches him while I work, and will do it if I need a break for a night once in a while. But I don't like to give him up very often because I do work full time,. so the time I have with him when I am not working is great. He is the first grandbaby on both sides so the grandmas cannot wait to get their hands on him. When is Caleb's bday?


monica - November 22

he was born on july 26 one week early he was due on august 2. My mom will be taking care of him when I go back to work. But one of his grandmas llives to far to take care of him and my mom is already tired by the end of the day because she takes care of my nieces.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

That makes it hard. But its good he will be with grandma. I don't think I could take my baby to a daycare, I would be too nervous, he would probably be fine. Is Caleb feeling better than he was last week? They are always out to prove us wrong with the docs aren't they. I swear Lucas likes being poked and prodded. He is as good as gold there.They do not beleive me that he is a fussy crank. He has actually been doing super good the last week or two. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues!



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